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How Hybrid Work Environments Empower Employees

ChicExecs Co-Founder and Co-President, Nikki Carlson, shares her tips on how hybrid work environments empower employees on Newsweek. Here’s a highlight from the feature.

Hybrid work is already becoming a mainstay in office jobs. Here’s why your organization should buck up and make the switch to hybrid work.

1. Increased Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees. Instead of trying to improve your team’s output with pizza parties or sales competitions, you can offer flexible hybrid arrangements to do more in less time.

2. Employee Satisfaction

Look, it’s hard retaining good employees these days. Since other companies in your industry offer hybrid work, you need to offer it, too — otherwise, your employees might set their sights on greener pastures.

3. Culture And Connection

Managers are hesitant to go all-in on remote work because they want to see their employees in person. Fortunately, opting for a hybrid setup allows you to get a little face time with your team.

4. Reduced Costs

By the way, if you’re trying to trim expenses, you can save a lot of money with hybrid work. You don’t need as much space for a hybrid setup because fewer employees are coming into the office. If your lease is up, you might be able to move into a smaller (and cheaper) office space.

5. Reduced Employee Stress And Burnout

Burnout is on the rise in corporate America right now. With the phenomenon of “quiet quitting” on everyone’s minds, it’s your job to reduce the mental load on your team so they can recover.

Read Nikki’e entire blog here.


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