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We are an award-winning brand strategy firm based in San Diego, California, creating multi-channel marketing plans and we are on a mission to take companies to new heights! We specialize in crafting innovative multi-channel marketing plans that deliver real results. From Public Relations and Retail Strategy, to Social Media and Influencer Marketing, to Creative Content Development, we use every tool at our disposal to generate maximum brand exposure, establish unshakable credibility, and open doors to new retail opportunities for our clients. With 20 years of experience and a wealth of valuable data at our fingertips, we are experts at targeting the right audience and delivering truly game-changing growth for our clients. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Let’s do it together!

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a brand marketing powerhouse

born from a brand

We are an award-winning brand strategy firm that has been used by many online casino players. In addition, ChicExecs offers retail strategy, public relations, digital marketing and content creation, which you may also hear about on the blue jays radio broadcast online. At ChicExecs, we use every tool at our disposal to ensure maximum brand awareness among online casino players.

ChicExecs is not just a typical agency. Our unique approach has resonated with many of our clients, as we understand the journey of building a brand from the ground up, we’ve been where you are! We started with just an idea in our living room nearly 20 years ago and grew it to being carried in almost every major retail store, featured in numerous national media outlets, seen on multiple celebrities, and led through an acquisition. We know the wins and challenges that come with building a brand, and now, we’re here to take you on that same success journey. We have refined our approach so you can focus on the other aspects of growing your company.


Creating a strategic buzz around your brand with TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and online media features.


Securing shelf space and online sales for your brand through buyer communication, sell-through assistance, and awareness campaign support.


Building and executing the perfect digital maketing strategy through targeting, research, innovation, expertise in messaging, and focus on data and engagement.


Developing and amplifying online conversations through campaigns crafted by our in-house content creators and top social media influencers.


Creating a strategic buzz around your brand with tv, radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and online nedia features.


Securing shelf space and online sales for your brand through buyer communication, sell-through assistance, and awareness capaign support.


Building and executing the perfect digital maketing strategy through targeting, research, innovation, expertise in messaging, and focus on data and engagement.

Content Creation

Developing and amplifying online conversations that drive brand awareness and purchases through trending campaigns crafted by our in-house content creators and top social nedia influencers.

what we are good at

good stories told well

A great story has the power to create personal connections and engage multiple senses. We help you tell your story to the world by taking it to the right people, at the right time and in the right place. We craft compelling content, develop retail strategies, and pitch-perfect messages that resonate with your audience. We help you reach the right people on digital platforms, gain visibility on the most influential media outlets, and secure placements in the most prestigious online stores or on the shelves of the top retail stores. We’ll make sure your story creates a buzz and aligns across all communications so that it makes the impact it deserves.

it works

4flow method

ChicExecs founders Nikki and Kailynn created a scalable formula that helped their own brands tell meaningful stories and stand out in a crowded market. Today, ChicExecs is an internationally-recognized, creative brand marketing powerhouse with a global footprint that transforms ideas into retail brands and celebrated success stories. Our multi-channel 4Flow Method covers everything from digital marketing to press features, retail placement, and content creation. With a results-oriented team of over 80 former news anchors, journalists, influencers, brand owners, and retail buyers, we can help small and medium-sized businesses and brands get recognized among top media as well as key retail buyers through digital exposure with options that fit your budget and needs.

an elevated approach for

enterprise-level and fortune 500 companies

We possess the expertise and cohesive strategy necessary for successful sell-through, enterprise growth, and global support. Elevate is powered by a high-level executive team with a strategic, innovative approach for global recognition and growth servicing Enterprise-Level, Fortune 500 companies. Our experienced brand managers specialize in creating and executing innovative, long-term plans tailored to your goals and objectives or global growth.

social proof

you asked, we delivered

We always aim the bar high to exceed expectations and have fun along the way! We love a good story that is told well and also solves a problem for the consumer. Here is how we do it.


– Marc, Apparel and Accessories

“ChicExecs agency has been instrumental in securing over 10 media features for my brand in top outlets like Forbes, Buzzfeed, Vogue, the Today Show and more. Their efforts have significantly boosted readership and led to increase in sales. I am grateful for their strategic approach and work in elevating my brand’s visibility and driving business growth.”

– Vivian, Kids Apparel & Accessories

“I have had the pleasure of working with ChicExecs for more than 3 years. Our team found our DNA very quickly. With reference to our brand guide, and with very little guidance and sparring ChicExecs gets our nerve and pulse, they shoot all of our photos in a brilliant way, with a special touch, that goes hand in hand with our brand and vision. I can highly recommend ChicExecs.”

– Jeff, Beverage Industry

“I am extremely grateful for the close support and dedication of our team throughout the entire process. Their commitment and expertise were instrumental in creating a robust and impactful campaign that has significantly boosted our brand’s exposure. Their collaboration and hard work are truly commendable.”

– Shauna, Food Industry

“You ladies are all just the BEST! Thank you so much for the amazing work you all did for us, for the information you shared, the knowledge I gained, and for the kindness, you showed! You’re all on speed dial…. you’ll hear from me again.”

– Jen, Beauty & Cosmetics

“I wish I had discovered Chic Execs sooner! ChicExecs team has done an incredible job for us bringing to the table major retailers, including my dream retailers. Could not be happier with the entire team. They are professional, organized, and always helpful.”

– Jennifer, Beauty & Cosmetics

“The ChicExecs team is responsible for choosing backgrounds, accessories, models, and locations. They know what, and who fits into our universe. I know I am always safe with my ChicExecs team; they deliver and keep all deadlines with solutions in a very high quality and professionalism.”

– Christine, Pet Accessories

“Having worked together for several years now, we can confidently say that there’s no other group our team would ever want to work with. Having been placed nationally in stores such as Petsmart, and working with countless other retailers such as Target, Petco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Dillards, the record speaks for itself. If you’re ever on the fence about where to go and who to work with, look no further. The team at Chic Execs will get you where you’ve always dreamed of being.”

get personal, go global

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ChicExecs is a family of lifestyle experts, journalists, producers, news anchors, podcasters, and influencers from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Colorado, and Washington.
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Home to 80+ in-house lifestyle experts, producers, podcasters, influencers, news anchors, and more, ChicExecs employees are empowered and encouraged to be intrapreneurs.
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Aside from bringing over 75 years of retail marketing experience to the table, ChicExecs cares about your business, and we work our tails off to tell your authentic story to the world.

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