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6 Marketing Trends You Can Expect To See (And Love) In 2023

ChicExecs Senior VP of PR and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, share 6 marketing trends you can expect to see (and love) in 2023 on Forbes blog. Enjoy this excerpt from the article below.

Now’s the time to try trending marketing strategies to turn more heads and win more hearts. New year, new you, after all. Try your hand at these six marketing trends in 2023.

1. Influencers With A Twist

Yes, influencer marketing is still going strong in 2023. However, the shift is moving more toward video-first content on YouTube and TikTok, especially for product brands. TikTok even has a ready-made influencer marketing matchmaking service, so if you haven’t hired influencers yet, the platform makes it a cinch to connect with experienced content creators ASAP.

2. Local Search

Even if you have a brick-and-mortar location, you still need to invest in local (digital) marketing in 2023. More people are searching for products and services through voice assistants like Siri, which rely heavily on local search results.

3. AI Tools

It’s too soon to tell what ChatGPT means for businesses, but it clearly has a lot of potential in 2023. You shouldn’t replace human content creators with AI, but you can use the technology to speed up the content creation process.

4. Customer Retention

This year is going to be bumpy, economically speaking. You need to find efficiencies in your 2023 marketing budget, and customer retention is the best way to do that.

5. Text Message Marketing

Email marketing is cool and all, but many shoppers aren’t checking their emails. If you want people to engage with your messaging, opt for text message marketing instead. Buyers are more likely to open SMS messages more quickly, read them and engage with them.

6. Brands Become Media Companies

Right now, you’re a business first and you create content as a way to promote your business. But going forward, consumers will expect brands to be creators in their own right.

Read the entire blog here.


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