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Pure Sky Glass and Multipurpose Cleaning Glove Wins Better Homes & Gardens Clean House Award

Pure Sky Glass and Multipurpose Cleaning Glove has been awarded Best Microfiber Glove by Better Homes & Gardens in the 2022 Clean House Awards. We couldn’t be happier for our client!

The awards showcase innovative cleaners and tools that are easier to use, more powerful, and most importantly, safer for families and the planet.

BH&G noted:

“This sturdy, double-sided glove is a major improvement over an ordinary cleaning cloth. One side has the grippy fibers of a classic microfiber pad—just right for wiping up dust and allover cleaning. The other side is finely textured for wiping down glass and mirrors. Just spray on a little water and get cleaning.”

Pure Sky creates must-have products (under the umbrella company Persik) that are your partners in fighting germs and grime. Their green cleaning methods are proven to make cleaning easy, quick, and stress-free. The Microfiber Glove uses patented cleaning technology and can be used up to 1,000 times for effective household cleaning. Filament fibers hook dirt and debris, lifting it from cracks and crevices, while fluffy split NP trap dust and hairs for a deep clean. All with no harsh chemicals or detergents – just add water. This technology allows easy cleaning of windows and glass without leaving any streaks, which is one of the major problems with existing window cleaning products.

Founded in 2013 on the philosophy of comfortable and quality products for the home and kitchen, Persik offers products that are well designed, are of necessity, are aesthetically welcoming, and add to the comfort of the home and everyday living. Persik’s foundation is to meet its commitment to making premium products for a feel-good home.

Check out Pure Sky for all your clean household needs that are perfect for a spring refresh! To purchase the Microfiber Glove, visit the brand’s website.

Congrats Pure Sky!


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