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Why You Should Become Best Friends With A Freelance Journalist

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, shares why you should become best friends with a freelance journalist on Forbes blog. Here’s a recap from the article.

Don’t let digital media fool you: Personal relationships are still important for both journalists and brands. Actually, journalists say relationships are becoming even more important to them. In a world where readers are more concerned about fake news and spammy press releases, journalists need to know that they can trust their sources.

This is good for your brand, too. If you manage to make a journalist your new BFF, you can score sweet benefits like:

• Learning about new opportunities.

• Connecting with more journalists.

• Getting more pitches accepted.

How do you find a journalist BFF?

Journalist relationships can help you score more press. But there’s just one little problem: There are fewer journalists today than ever before. That means you need to make every single contact count. Try these three strategies to make freelance journalists your next BFF:

1. Be relevant and helpful.

This should go without saying, but you shouldn’t try to hang out with every journalist under the sun. You should only pursue relationships with journalists in your niche or industry. If you’re in pet care, you wouldn’t pitch to a journalist in the energy industry, would you?

2. Listen to them.

Sure, you’re investing in this relationship in the hopes of gaining some media attention, but journalists are people too! Put something back into this relationship so it’s reciprocal.

3. Reach out consistently.

You wouldn’t consider someone your best friend if you spoke to them only once, right? You need to make journalist outreach a consistent part of your workflow. Add a reminder in a paper planner, project management app or your calendar so you don’t forget to reach out.

Read Kristen’s entire blog here.


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