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4 Ways To Boost Your PR And Marketing—Even With A Microscopic Budget

Lydia Vargo, Senior VP of Elevate at ChicExecs, shares four ways to boost your PR and marketing, even with a microscopic budget, on Forbes blog. Here’s a highlight from the piece.

Follow these tips to boost your brand—even with a microscopic budget.

1. Revamp your website content.

What are you putting out there? Even tiny brands can do very well when they position themselves as high-quality and ready to take on the world. You are likely to lose a significant amount of customers if your website looks thrown together. By investing in your website, you are ensuring that any interested party (customer, retailer or investor) has the best possible first impression.

2. Ditch perfectionism on social media.

Social media is a goldmine for small brands for one simple reason: It’s free! Sure, you can get more eyes on your content if you pay for ads, but you don’t need to pay to put your products in front of other social media users.

If you’re hesitant to post on social platforms because your content isn’t studio quality, it’s time to ditch the perfectionism. What matters isn’t the quality of the video footage, but the quality of your message. People don’t expect pricey video quality on social media, so your iPhone is more than enough.

3. Invest in affiliate marketing.

Need to boost sales on a small budget? Affiliate marketing is an affordable way to market your business to shoppers while bolstering your bottom line. With affiliate marketing, you only pay affiliates when they bring in a sale. Since you’re paying for results, this type of marketing can easily pay for itself—which is way more affordable than expensive ads on Google or Facebook.

4. Pitch influencers.

You have loads of product in hand. Why not exchange that product for influencer mentions? Consider leveraging influencer endorsements via LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok.

Offer free products in exchange for an unboxing or an honest review. The worst thing that can happen is that the influencer ignores you—but the best-case scenario? You might see organic growth that takes your non-existent budget to big-investment status.

Keep in mind that most influencers will require a fee; however, some will do it for the right partnership at a discounted rate when it is a cause or brand that resonates with them.

Read Lydia’s entire article here.



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