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From Social To PR: Five Ways To Improve Your Online Reputation

ChicExecs Senior VP of PR and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, share her tips on five ways to improve your online reputation from social to PR on Forbes blog. Enjoy this highlight from the article below.

Whether you’re trying to recover from a reputation slip-up or you just don’t have a reputation yet, you can use social media PR to tell your side of the story. Follow these five tips to get more PR mileage out of your social channels.

1. Partner Up With Influencers And Complementary Brands

Partnerships are one of the best ways to get eyeballs on your brand. You can choose to partner with either influencers or with a complementary brand in your niche for social media PR.

2. Consistently Create Great Content

Do you post on social media at a consistent time every day? Your followers should know what to expect from you, so if you suddenly go silent on social media, it could hurt your reputation.

3. Write A Crisis Management Playbook

You need to protect your reputation, and that means taking immediate action when the unexpected happens. Don’t let a crisis catch you off guard. You should have a crisis management plan in place to quickly act on social media. Your plan should include how to recover from a faux pas, like an accidentally offensive Facebook post, as well as external emergencies, like the pandemic.

4. Set Up Social Media Review Procedures

Social media is wonderful for boosting your public image, but you need to tread carefully. You don’t want to say anything offensive or hurtful on social media because it can have a negative effect on your reputation.

5. Turn Employees Into Social Media Advocates

Consumers tend to trust a business’s employees more than the business itself. Consumers want to see the human element behind your brand, which offers a big lift to your online reputation. In fact, you can boost shares if you ask employees to distribute your message.

Read Kristen’s entire piece here.


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