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ChicExecs PR Secures Imperfect Foods in Thrillist

Our latest PR feature is for our client Imperfect Foods in Thrillist.

Taking care of Mother Nature and the planet is a responsibility that falls on all of us. Whether you avoid all forms of plastic or make your own clothing to stop feeding into fast fashion, there are tons of ways you can give love back to the environment.

While it can seem daunting to get started on better living, our client, Imperfect foods, is helping people across the country incorporate it into their daily lives. They work with farmers, grocery stores, and other various food sellers to save all kinds of grocery items from landfills.

Imperfect Foods is a one-stop grocery shop that provides you with the same kind of variety you expect from a brick-and-mortar store while avoiding the stress of actually going. Where stores would normally throw away foods that are slightly blemished or from canceled pickup orders, Imperfect Foods comes in to save these poor items and offer them to you. Just because a vegetable looks a little funny doesn’t mean it can’t be just as tasty! 

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, Imperfect Foods hosted the first-ever L.A. Food Waste Week to show people how easy it is to fight food waste. The event was featured in Thrillist as a great opportunity to actively learn about all the tasty and amazing dishes imperfect foods can still create and what you can do to help reduce the wasted food epidemic.

Everything selected and shipped by Imperfect Foods is still just as fresh as if you selected the produce yourself. You have total control over what you want in each delivery, from stocking up on your staple items or adding in some new foods that you wouldn’t otherwise try. You also get the added benefit of receiving the same delicious groceries without paying grocery store markups. On average, customers save up to 30% on their weekly grocery spending. Add that to the money you save on gas by not going to the grocery store, and you end up saving money!

Check out Imperfect Foods to find food with character and do your part in protecting the planet.

Congrats Imperfect Foods!


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