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Five Tips To Use Affiliate Programs For PR Success

ChicExecs Senior VP of PR and Digital Marketing, Kristen Wessel, shares five tips to use affiliate programs on Forbes blog. Below is an summary from the article.

Editors receive dozens of product pitches every day. Make it easier to secure a coveted spot in their outlet by using these five tips to master affiliate links and PR pitches.

1. Create an affiliate program. 

If you don’t already have an affiliate program, now’s the time to get moving! Fortunately, if you’re selling your product on Amazon, you can direct editors to your Amazon affiliate links. However, not all outlets want to use Amazon’s program. They might ask you to use a particular platform or your own internal affiliate program.

2. Get to know your e-commerce editor.

Every media outlet is different. It’s a good idea to know your editors’ preferences, but it’s especially helpful to understand their affiliate policies. Do they work exclusively with Amazon links? Do they require a certain percentage of each sale?

3. Open up your affiliate program.

Who says that media outlets get all the fun? You can make more sales and boost your brand by offering affiliate deals to bloggers or influencers.

Open up your affiliate program to other online content creators. This will not only build buzz and boost sales but also help you gather data on your affiliate program. If an outlet asks for your average affiliate earnings or any other metrics, you’ll have the data ready to go.

4. Pitch to relevant outlets.

The purpose of an affiliate partnership is to boost sales. That means you want your pitch in front of the editors of the most relevant media outlets for your audience.

5. Start locally.

Editors see a lot of products. You can build clout for your product first by targeting smaller, more local outlets. Local coverage helps you build a reputation with your product. It’s also the perfect chance to refine your affiliate processes before you pitch in the big leagues.

Read Kristen entire blog here.


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