Top 10 Things to do in San Diego!

By: Leilani Dauz

San Diego is renowned for its marvelous beaches, parks, and year round warm climate. There are a number of things that you can do around this beautiful town that we call our home. We compiled a list of our top 10 things to do throughout San Diego that are locals (ChicExecs!)  approved!

The Torrey Pines Hike is one of the most beautiful oceanfront reserves there is. In the confines of Northern San Diego, this hike features 1,750 acres of pristine land, and a variety of wildlife and vegetation. However, it’s most appealing feature is a plateau with an overlook of the stunning Torrey Pines State Beach and of the surrounding La Jolla/ Del Mar areas. If you’re a fan of hiking, gorgeous views and all things nature, the Torrey Pines hike is a must!

La Jolla Cove is known as the best beach for swimming and snorkeling in San Diego. Visitors can often catch a glimpse of the local seals, sea lions and other sea life that like to hangout at this spot throughout the year. La Jolla also offers a number of chic boutiques and delicious waterfront restaurants for you to check out. One of our favorite ways to spend time in La Jolla is getting a delicious brunch with friends or family at The Cottage, a cozy beachfront eatery with some of the best American & Southern California influenced food and superb service!

Seaport Village is an absolutely stunning waterfront shopping and dining complex nearby the San Diego Bay in downtown San Diego. Seaport Village consists of a variety of one-of-a kind boutiques, live entertainment and both casual and fine dining eateries. A go-to in Seaport Village is Puesto, a restaurant made famous by their special cosmopolitan twist into the authenticity of Mexican food!  

Coronado is one of the California resort cities in San Diego. It’s mainly known for the gorgeous Victorian styled Hotel del Coronado. Across from the Hotel Del is Coronado Beach, a beautiful beach that entices local and visiting surfers and sunbathers alike.  A personal favorite stop of ours in this area is The MooTime Creamery, which offers the best handcrafted ice cream and is perfect for ice cream fanatics!

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