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Expo West 2024 was an absolute blast and our team was there to immerse in the latest trends and insights! Exhibitors showcased creative and innovative products, ideas, and connections!

Sustainability Takes Center Stage

At the forefront of this year’s Expo West was a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Our team saw firsthand how brands are including eco-friendly practices into their companies, from recyclable packaging to impactful practices. The dedication to sustainability speaks to today’s consumers and highlights the industry’s evolving actions towards a more sustainable future.

Mushrooms: The Versatile Superfood

A standout trend that got our attention was the prevalence of mushrooms as a versatile superfood. Exhibitors showcased the diverse culinary and nutritional benefits of mushrooms. This trend was also featured prominently in various product categories, like coffee blends and dietary supplements. The strong presence of mushrooms at the expo reflects a growing consumer interest in natural, functional ingredients that promote both wellness and culinary innovation.

The Evolution of Snacking

Expo West also displayed the evolving landscape of snacking, with an emphasis on healthier alternatives made from wholesome ingredients. Our team enjoyed sampling snacks that had a nutritional twist. This change towards healthier snacking options demonstrates the industry’s response to consumer demand for convenient yet nutritious food choices.

Functional Beverages Redefine Refreshment

Functional beverages, such as mood-boosting elixirs to energy-enhancing drinks, were another major highlight from the expo. These beverages are redefining refreshment by focusing on holistic health benefits. Our team noticed this growing consumer preference for drinks that support overall well-being, which reflects a broader trend towards wellness-focused consumption.

Welcoming Wellness Innovations

The expo also centered on numerous wellness innovations, such as products infused with adaptogens and CBD. This trend is gaining traction with consumers seeking relaxation and stress relief. Our team explored the new products in the wellness sector and discovered many opportunities for brands to differentiate themselves in this rapidly growing market.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our experience at Expo West 2024, it’s clear that sustainability and innovation are key to success in the industry. We left the expo inspired by the creativity and commitment to progress displayed by the exhibitors and industry leaders. We are excited to utilize these insights to drive positive change and shape the future of the food, beverage, and health industries.


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