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Getting your brand’s product featured on The Today Show can significantly increase visibility and reach a wide audience. However, it can be daunting for businesses to navigate the world of TV show pitching. This is where ChicExecs comes in. Our agency specializes in helping brands get their products on major TV shows like The Today Show. Here are a few steps to help your brand get its product on the popular morning show with the help of ChicExecs:

1. Research the Show

Before reaching out to The Today Show, it’s important to research the show and its segments to see if your product is a good fit. ChicExecs has a team of experts who can help you identify the right segments and shows for your product.

2. Build a Relationship

Building a relationship with The Today Show’s producers is key to getting your product on the show. ChicExecs has a vast network of contacts in the industry and can help you establish the right connections.

3. Pitch your Product

Once you’ve established a relationship, it’s time to pitch your product. ChicExecs can help you craft a compelling pitch highlighting why your product is unique and would be a good fit for the Today Show’s audience.

4. Follow-up

After you’ve pitched your product, ChicExecs can follow up with the producers to see if they are interested. They will ensure that you are kept in the loop throughout the process.

5. Be Prepared

If your product is selected to be featured on the show, ChicExecs can help you prepare by providing all of the necessary information and materials. We will ensure you are fully prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.

Working with ChicExecs increases your chances of getting your brand’s product on The Today Show. Our team of experts has the knowledge, contacts and experience to help you navigate the TV pitching process and increase the chances of your product being featured on major shows.

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