Traction/ Fashion/ Protection for dogs!

Power Paws by Woodrow Wear are a sock-based product that is anatomically designed for a dog’s foot. Indoors, they provide traction, mobility, fashion, wound protection, and hardwood floor protection. Outdoors, Power Paws protect paws from very hot or cold surfaces, and allergens! Power Paws are available in 8 sizes to fit all dogs from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards. There are 10 designs to choose from, including general-purpose and fun holiday patterns (like Christmas, Valentine, Easter, etc)! Power Paws are eco-friendly and made of cotton and elastic for comfort. They do not require buckles, belts, or Velcro to stay in place. They can be machine washed and dried. 97% of 30,000+ dogs do NOT mind wearing them because they are comfortable. Exhibiting at Amazing Pet Expos (San Jose – 2/26, and Ft. Lauderdale – 3/26). Please call 408-391-1916 with questions. Thank you for your interest in Woodrow Wear and our Power Paws product!

company: Woodrow Wear, LLC