TOT YOGA: Yoga for You and Your Toddler DVD

Tot Yoga is the first and only DVD created exclusively to help parents teach their toddlers a positive and healthy way to vent their frustrations. We all know the toddler years are the most frustrating times (well, until the teen years). By providing parents with fun creative exercises, and allowing toddlers to do a lot of the directing of the activity, parents and toddlers get more exercise, excellent stress relief, and better rest. Additional results include increased confidence and reduced tantrums. Tot Yoga was designed by a busy working mother in conjunction with a 35 year veteran celebrity yoga instructor. Both these mothers understood the goals of dealing with toddlers – change their focus to something productive and make them tired so they will nap – giving their parent a chance to do something for the parent. Tot Yoga includes a relaxing rejuvenating workout just for the parents as a bonus treat for when their toddler is napping.

company: Tuesdays at Ten, Ltd.


price: $20.00