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A garland of blossoms embellish a slightly antiqued silver heart. The heart represents love and the flowers represent life and growth. Turning the pendant over reveals a poetic inscription: “Grow old with me the best is yet to be.” The secret message is both hopeful and optimistic, ingredients that nurture relationships of all ages. The necklace includes a small card with a poem by designer Deborah J. Birdoes. Price: $62.00 Poem: Grow old with me How can time be measured, with a lifetime with you? You are my every minute, my fairytale come true. Love is strengthened by the years, as I grow old with you. You’re the hero of my heart, and why I love you as I do. You’re the hope of my tomorrow, my joy, and happiness, too. Just knowing in this lifetime, I was loved by you. Only time gives value to love. Deborah J Birdoes

company: Penelope Poet LLC


price: $62.00