Our experience with Lydia and her PR team at ChicExecs has been exceptional. The number of quality placements they secured for our brand is impressive and reflects the hard work and respect within media circles that our account manager, Susana, brings to the table. But what impresses us more is that ChicExecs takes a personal interest in who we are, how we got to this point in our business and what they can add every day to make us more successful. ChicExecs delivers professional results with a personal touch and that rare combination continues to earn our trust and our business.

Ryan Novak – Owner, Chocolate Pizza Company, Inc.

We engaged ChicExes in late December (2015) to assist us with our PR needs. By mid January (2016) we were featured on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. This exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. We are thrilled to be working with them.

Sven K. – lull.com

Leah and ChicExecs have become an essential part of our business. It’s very difficult to stay relevant and find ways to reach new customers but they’ve managed to do this for us, month after month. Leah’s work has noticeably increased our brand awareness and, most importantly, continues to produce a tangible ROI.


I’ve worked with other firms in the past as well as in-house PR staff and neither can compare to this firm. They write a new press release every month and send it all to their long list of contacts (from national magazines to bloggers). This leads to a consistent flow of press which has translated into increase visits to my website and sales! Successful PR is not about one-hit wonder or trying to get an immediate return on your investment. It’s more about a steady flow that little by little creates a big snowball. This is their strategy and one of the reasons why they are so good. They are also fun, personable, organized and have excellent follow-up. As my sales grow, I’m also interested in taking advantage of celebrity endorsements which they help with as well. For what seems like a small company, they have a big engine!

Jeneva B. – RUGGABLE

I couldn’t be happier that we chose to work with ChicExecs. Their understanding of the FXP Fitness brand has been key in landing coveted TV spots, numerous product reviews, and a reach beyond what we could have accomplished on our own. Their honest input makes the partnership a huge success and the entire team is a pleasure to work with. Thank you, ChicExecs!

Kristin B. – FXP Fitness

After working with numerous companies, I had pretty much decided that PR was not something I wanted to pursue (or at least outsource) for my brands. Having met Lydia and Kristen at a tradeshow in New York, I was very impressed by their professionalism and overall knowledge of brand development. I partnered with them soon after, and my choice has been validated every month since. They are the best team I have worked with, and I highly recommend this group of women for any brand needs.

David K. – Just Solutions Products

“We interviewed a number of potential partners to work with on increasing our sales and marketing efforts: two areas we have never put much effort into. ChicExecs stood out from the beginning in three areas: courtesy, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

Their courtesy was shown in their understanding that this was a huge investment for our small company which they were both patient and flexible in regards to our questions, needs, and specific requests.

When product was shared with ChicExecs they were genuinely excited about the product and very complimentary on our work. Other agencies we spoke with did not recognize and accentuate the factors to our brand which make us unique; ChicExecs understood how to market for us right from the start.

Finally, we are pleased with ChicExecs’ level of professionalism. Without forfeiting a personal touch, they are very professional in all communication.

We are very happy with how ChicExecs hit the ground running with our brand and have seen increased exposure within the first month. The meetings with majors in the industry have excited us and are encouraging to receive feedback regularly from buyer contacts from companies such as Target, Macy’s, Kohls, etc.”

All The Above Clothing

“Working with the team of women at ChicExecs is pure bliss. I signed with ChicExecs during the summer of 2014, and within a few short months they had already pushed my brand (Soul Carrier) to a whole other level! My product was been requested by Kitson, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, among many-many other major retailers. ChicExecs has the ability to put a product “out there” and have it really noticed — they cut through the clutter and get right in front of the buyers! And that was just the Chanel Management side. Kristen in PR is getting me television appearances as well as having my product featured in various magazines and blogs. All while I was seeing my social media numbers increase due to their social media package.

ChicExecs truly are game changers, and there isn’t another team of women who I would want at my side as I mold my brand and push it out into the world!

I had made a Soul Carrier vision board to highlight who my customer was and when I walked into the ChicExecs office, for the first time, I squealed because this group of women is my customer – ethically, socially, spiritually these women represent who I want to market my product to. Never before has it been so easy to hand off my vision and see it come to fruition exactly as I had seen it in my head.

The ChicExec team is hard working, professional, caring, kind and driven to see you succeed. They are a class and caliber above all the rest, and it is with my whole heart and soul that I recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in the Marketing, PR, Channel Management and Social Media arena. They will without a doubt create magic for your brand.

Jennifer P.
Owner/Founder Soul Carrier – Unique Handbags For Your Journey”

“Working with Chic Execs has been a wonderful exciting experience. They have followed through on commitments and have been easy to work with. I would recommend them to any business in establishing a brand through PR. There robust network of contacts has shown that the marketing can help a business prosper. It has been a pleasure. ”

Doug F.

“I truly can’t recommend ChicExecs enough. They have been extremely helpful in connecting us with local and national media. Their relationships clearly run deep and they deliver on their promises. Not only are they well-connected, but they are simply great people to work with. I can assure you that any PR and advertising dollars which go toward their efforts is money well spent. Thanks, ladies! The beachTuff love is being spread further because of you!”

Julie W.
BeachTuff Founder

“I want to express my thanks to Kristen and staff at ChicExecs for the amazing work they have done on behalf of HOT GIRLS PEARLS. Kristen has actively, and successfully, contacted more media outlets then anyone I have ever dealt with. She has always been responsive to our needs and questions, and handled all of the work with professionalism and cheer. They are a wonderful company, and I recommend them highly!”

Constance S.

“They’ve been nothing but amazing for us. I’ve hired many pr firms over the past 5 years for my former businesses and paid more for awful PR. Their monthly rates are amazing and their team is super nice and talented and get results (at least for us). I’ve been on 5 major
TV shows, a few great websites, and national radio shows the past two months. I’ve never had such response for the monthly fee in my entrepreneur career. I honestly don’t think you can wrong with them.”

Brian A.
LugLess Brand Manager & Co-Founder (Shark Tank)

“We love working with Chic Execs especially with Kristen Wessel. I have worked with many PR firms over the years and they have always over promise and under deliver. Kristen is creative, pro-active and meets & beats our expectations!”

The Kevel Team, Rachel (Founder) & Jill (VP of Sales)

“Thanks to Chick execs, I now have some great articles to present to buyers about my business, which creates credibility and reliability. They took personal interest in my company and are very professional and friendly!”

Raquel Alonso Lozz Dozz
Chief Orphan Giver

“My Name is Dawn Jackson and I’m the founder and creator of Bosom Couture® This May is our one year anniversary of our launch, in which we give much gratitude to Chic Execs for putting us on the map. We could not ask for more in our fist year of business. Working with Erica for our social media program has made a world of difference in gaining customer loyalty, brand recognition and a strong online presence. Her individual attention to the voice of our brand has been crucial in strengthening the consistency of our message along with consumer confidence. Thank you Chic Execs for an amazing first year and many more to come in the future of our journey.”

XO Sincerely, Dawn Jackson

“I was introduced to ChicExecs Channel Management when I was at a key decision point with respect to the future of my brand. I had a lot of experience with showrooms and reps, however my dream was to get in front of top decision makers in high end retailers, which was proving very difficult. Within a very short time the ChicExecs team had not only peaked the interest of buyers from retailers such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and more, but were able to provide detailed feedback that was critical in my decision making for the brand going forward.

ChicExecs provides a fantastic & unique service, and I am grateful for their hard work, professionalism and proven buyer relationships.”

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