Brianna Galloway

Account Coordinator

Brianna is an energetic and detail-oriented Account Coordinator. With over six years of experience working as a server, she has paved the way in pursuing a career in the business world. Throughout these years, she has garnered an appreciation for diversity, becoming well-versed in understanding different personalities and adapting to various situations.

Her past experience also taught her that compassion and patience are key in getting tasks done and understanding others in the workplace, and in life. Brianna believes that helping others and being open to learn from them is what makes a team come together, and she is excited to be contributing to the tremendous efforts in Retail Strategy.

In her free time, she loves to be outdoors. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, laying in the sun (with sunblock of course) and hanging out with loved ones. Brianna hates to see people sad or hurting, and she hopes to help the homeless and hungry through nonprofit work as her career progresses.