Take Charge of your Dating Life with FlipMe – The Future of Flirting!

FlipMe is a fun and easy way for women to start take charge of their dating life and start calling the shots. Here’s how it works: Once a target has been selected, the woman makes the first move by sliding him a FlipMe card. FlipMe cards feature chic designs that immediately let him know she’s interested. The back of the card features the giver’s ID and card ID which let him link up online at FlipMe.com. There are no tests, endless searches through profiles, or random messages from strangers. Ladies get to do the fun part of flirting in real life without having to give out their personal information. If he’s interested in pursuing the invitation he’ll log in and send her a message, and they can start getting to know each other. Since FlipMe cards don’t share personal information, ladies can feel free to hand them out like they’re going out of style!

company: FlipMe LLC

website: www.flipme.com

price: $25.00