ChicExecs Secures Boost Oxygen on U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Our latest feature is for our client Boost Oxygen on U.S. Chamber of Commerce!

The “12 Veteran-Owned Businesses Making It Big” article features Boost Oxygen COO Mike Grice. He spent 27 years in the Marines before transitioning into the corporate world. Since joining the company five years ago, Grice has helped Boost Oxygen achieve a 50% year-over-year growth trajectory.

Check out Boost Oxygen for the supplemental oxygen that comes in convenient aluminum canisters.

Congratulations Boost Oxygen!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures Grand Trunk Owner Jon Neff on AskMen

Our latest feature is for our client Grand Trunk on AskMen!

Jon Neff, marine veteran and co-founder of Grand Trunk, shared his favorite workout tools to keep in shape in the article, “Former Military Share Their Favorite Workout Tools.” He explains that his workout theme is all about convenience and the ability to use his favorite workout tools in multiple settings and situations.

Check out Grand Trunk for your outdoor and travel gear needs from relaxing in comfort to hardcore exploring.

Congratulations Grand Trunk!

The ChicExecs Team