ChicExecs Secures Grand Trunk on Insider

Our latest feature is for our client Grand Trunk on Insider!

Their hooded neck pillow made the list of “20 travel gifts for the student who’s planning a big trip after graduation.”

Check out Grand Trunk’s Hooded Neck Pillow for the memory foam neck pillow with a soft fleece cover and a light-blocking hood for better sleep until you reach your destination.

Congratulations Grand Trunk!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures Grand Trunk on Forbes!


Our latest feature is for our client Grand Trunk on Forbes!

The Jedi-like hood adds a whole other layer of comfort to this soft micro-fleece neck pillow, acting like a Do Not Disturb sign. Its ergonomic memory foam remembers what feels best to you, making this pillow a no-brainer bestseller.

Check out the Grand Trunk for a unique way to stay comfy in the midst of all your travels.

Congratulations on this feature!

The ChicExecs Team