ChicExecs PR Secures Caribu in Good Housekeeping


Our latest PR feature is for our client Caribu in Good Housekeeping!

Caribu is the app making virtual playdates with friends and family easier than ever before. They’ve just gone free for friends and family members to stay connected and make memories during the coronavirus outbreak! Due to growing concerns and quarantines over the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 400 million children around the world have been dismissed from school, are missing friends and are unable to see their extended families. Featured as an ideal app for remote playdates and keeping kids social during the COVID-19 outbreak, Caribu is helping bridge the gap created by social distancing and self-isolation by making their award-winning service free with unlimited access during this tumultuous time.

Whether your child wants to virtually meet up with a group of school friends or simply chat one-on-one with a buddy for a few minutes, continuing to interact socially is vital to their well being. This app also helps kids stay connected as they would in a school setting, making it possible for them to read to each other, work on a project together or attempt a simple game. In fact, the kids don’t even have to talk — they might simply find comfort in having a friend around.

With Caribu, kids can create special moments with their friends and loved ones by going on a virtual playdate where they can read books from an extensive library of popular titles, play games and even color together in a video-call. Caribu is a way to stay connected and build memories year-round but especially during a time where millions of families are under self-quarantine. The app connects kids with friends and relatives anywhere in the world.

Check out Caribu for the app that helps you easily create a virtual playdate for your child.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Veestro in New York Post


Our latest PR feature is for our client Veestro in New York Post!

The plant-based meal delivery service is turning healthy eating into an easy reality. With over two million meals served, there’s a reason it’s been named as a top pick in prepared meal delivery services. Chances are, your meal choices face the following paradox: fast meals aren’t healthy and healthy meals aren’t fast. Recognizing your kitchen dilemma and taking into account you’d rather not lift a pot or pan, Veestro is the plant-based meal delivery service to the rescue.
Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, achieve weight loss goals or have dietary restrictions, Veestro has a variety of meal options that bridge the gap between taste and convenience. There’s no chopping, no cooking and no cleanup. Simply heat up these frozen meals in the oven or microwave.

Each meal is 100 percent plant-based and made with fresh, organic ingredients—no preservatives used. Choose from dietary preferences: gluten free, nut free, low calorie and kosher to name a few. Flexible plan options include weight loss (5 or 7 day plan), chef’s choice or a la carte (choose 10, 20, or 30 meals) allowing for the customer to meet their specific needs. Meals are prepared fresh and shipped frozen which allows you to eat them within 8-10 weeks minimizing food waste. The price averages out to $9.90 per meal. Get restaurant grade, chef-prepared food delivered to your doorstep without paying the bistro price. Best of all, you can change your meals, pause delivery or cancel anytime.

Veestro has been receiving numerous accolades this year. The brand participated in the New York J Winter Fashion Show by exclusively providing meals to host and model Jessica Minh Anh for the entire month before the event. It was recently named in the Top 250 Brands to Watch List by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Turning its sights on Hollywood this year, Veestro was included in the coveted Oscar swag bag gifted to nominees. 

Check out Veestro for the freshly prepared and delivered meals that are free of meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs and honey.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Wrap Buddies in Martha Stewart


Our latest PR feature is for our client Wrap Buddies in Martha Stewart!

WrapBuddies clips to your table to hold your wrapping paper in place, while doubling as a tape dispenser at the same time. With adjustable table clips and supplies close at hand, you’ll be able to measure, cut, trim, wrap, and tape quicker than ever before.

Featured as a genius tool that makes gift wrapping easy, simply clip wrap buddies to any table or countertop. Place the roll in between the wrap buddies and adjust the spacing to fit the length. Next, unroll the paper, measure, and easily cut. Your gift recipients appreciate a hand-wrapped gift more than one shoved in a bag. Wrap Buddies is also a tool that’s easy to store. The clips easily fit in a drawer or a craft box when not in use. When you do need them, attach to nearly any table, counter, or work surface to turn it into a personalized wrapping station. Like bulldog clips, each one has a lever that pops open and over the flat surface you’re working with.

Think beyond the gift wrapped box to use wrap buddies for more of your crafty projects. They can easily secure your kraft paper. For school projects, they can hold a large poster in place as your children create and decorate. Don’t forget about the kitchen either. For those multiple leftovers you need cling wrap or aluminum foil for, Wrap Buddies holds those rolls too!

Wrap Buddies come in a pair (one for each side of the paper roll) and are available in five different colors. You can find them retailing for $19.99 on Amazon or

Check out Wrap Buddies for the all-in-on tape and cut tool with the clever clips that help you create those perfectly polished wrapped gifts.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Eggtronic in The Chicago Tribune

Our latest PR feature is for our client Eggtronic in The Chicago Tribune!

Power accessory brand Eggtronic not only excels in the charging tech it brings your electronic devices, it does so in a beautifully designed way that empowers your lifestyle. Headquartered in Modena, Italy, the home base of the high-end sports car, the brand brings Italian ingenuity into your home with power adaptors, wireless chargers, power banks and other electronic accessories that fast track energy, technology and style.

Eggtronic’s Wireless Charging Stone is featured as a work from home upgrade. Uncomplicate your life with cables and reach for the wireless charger that also beautifies your space. Simply set your phone or Qi-enabled device on the stone for fast, 10-watt charging capabilities. The simple elegance of genuine stone meets smart technology within this charging device. It’s made with real stone: black marble, white marble and travertine options available. The Wireless Charging Stone is compatible with most phone models: Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and ZTE.

Eggtronic also produces the best-selling Sirius 65W Charger. The smallest universal laptop charger in the world is available thanks to patented EcoVoltas technology. Not only are you generating more power in playing card deck size, you’re reducing your energy costs and helping the environment. With small yet powerful capability comes design-envy. It’s five times smaller than the leading chargers on the market. It includes outlet prongs that fold in for easy portability and plugs in flush to the wall for a sleek look. The Sirius 65W Charger works with a variety of electronics beyond laptops too.

Check out Eggtronic for the Wireless Charging Stone that’s minimalist form and function. Charge by simply laying your phone on the marble disc. Available for purchase where you shop! AmazonWalmartBest Buy CanadaHammacher SchlemmerOffice Depot and Sam’s Club.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Baketivity in CNN Underscored

Our latest PR feature is for our client Baketivity in CNN Underscored!

Baketivity is a genius subscription box catering to kids, delivering delightful kits bursting with new recipes, perfectly pre-measured, individually packaged ingredients and step-by-step beautifully illustrated instructions. Ingredients are vacuum-packed fresh, recipes are simple and delicious and each box has everything you need for a tasty time—just add eggs and oil!

Featured as an activity to keep kids entertained and educated while they’re off school, Baketivity helps your family create memories and learn something new. As schools these days are shut down for an unknown amount of time, and loads of us are working remotely or choosing to stay home as much as possible, entertaining (and even educating) kids is now ten times as difficult. The process of collaborating, working and talking through a recipe and utilizing kitchen tools all instills important skills within a child and serves as a boost of confidence.  Learning and eating together is a fantastic way to solidify deep bonds and create cherished, lasting memories. The brand offers fabulous and very affordable one-time kits, or you can subscribe to monthly boxes delivered right to your door for continued baking fun! Subscribe now and get a free apron included.

Choose from a variety of kits that satisfy your sweet tooth: cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cake pops, whoopee pies and more. Those looking for less sugar can try out making homemade bagels. Baketivity also offers a gluten-free granola bar kit. Best of all, multiple ages in your household can get involved, from preschoolers to tweens.

Check out Baketivity for the baking kit that includes everything you need to make chocolate chunk cookies, cupcakes, granola bars and more. This is a gift both you and your kids will enjoy. Also available for purchase on Amazon.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Chocolate Pizza Company on Fox News Digital


Our latest PR feature is for our client Chocolate Pizza Company on Fox News Digital!

Chocolate Pizza Company is located in Central New York and known for its gourmet chocolate specialities. The segment features Connor Novak, the 16-year-old high school student working at the business, which is owned by his older brother Ryan Novak. Connor and his friends also employed at the chocolatier founded a program called “Everyone Deserves Chocolate.”

The business donates the chocolate and the students volunteer their time to make, package and distribute sweet treats to people in need. Connor and team completed their first project handcrafting 250 swirled Easter eggs and solid chocolate bunnies on the Chocolate Pizza Company production floor to give to their local food banks. To serve more residents in need, Chocolate Pizza Company will donate these Easter chocolates to two different area food banks. Participating students are already planning their next donation effort, Mother’s Day chocolate treats in May. 

According to Connor, the project is about bringing chocolate and community service together for families in need

We know it’s just a small contribution but the food bank was excited to receive it and every little bit can help,” he said. “My friends and I thought that if we could make some unique chocolate treats and donate them to our local food bank then we could make Easter a little nicer for less fortunate families.”

Chocolate Pizza Co. owner Ryan Novak explains how unique this donation is because it puts something on the shelves of area food banks that people would not expect but really appreciate.

“When my younger brother approached me with the idea, I thought it would be an amazing idea for the company to support and something he and I could be part of together,” Ryan Novak said. “I started as a dishwasher when I was 15 years old and that work experience was important to me. I make a point to give young people a job and I find they are motivated, hard working and always thinking of ways to help in the community.”

Check out Chocolate Pizza Company for the Easter treats like its signature and trademarked Chocolate Pizza® and Peanut Butter Wings® and feel good purchasing from a chocolate business that gives back.

Congrats Chocolate Pizza Company!

ChicExecs PR Secures PoolCandy in POPSUGAR


Our latest PR feature is for our client Pool Candy in POPSUGAR!

The authority on all things fabulous and inflatable, PoolCandy launched whimsical new animals including the king of the pool floats – the Inflatable T-Rex. Go Prehistoric and remain on top of the food chain at any pool party! This jumbo pool tube is 4-feet wide and will hold up to 250 pounds! Every terrifying detail of this powerful beast was captured using high-resolution RealPrint technology from PoolCandy.

As you enjoy life as the apex predator on a pool float 66 million years in the making, check out the new glitter dragon and glitter seahorse. Bring the shimmer and magic of the Glitter Dragon Pool Float from PoolCandy to your next pool party. The amazing horn of the real-life dragon is brought to life with glitter sparkles. If adorable dragons aren’t your thing, cuddle up with a sweet seahorse. The jumbo-sized 48-inch transparent ring is filled with silver-blue glitter that has a holographic reflection in the sunlight.

PoolCandy also expanded their wildly popular holographic collection to include a charming oyster, sun chair, pillow raft, drink float and beach ball. The holographic PVC will catch and reflect the light in a dazzling color-changing display. Nothing catches the sunlight quite like gorgeous holographic floats! Lights and colors will flash and dance around your body as you comfortably float and relax. If you weren’t already daydreaming of warmer weather, long lazy summer days and glorious hot sunshine, then you absolutely will be after checking out the newest floats.

PoolCandy is all about having you enjoy life. It’s a fashion forward development company that produces unique, one-of-a-kind products with its headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Check out PoolCandy for the Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur that allows swimmers to put up their feet and relax while also being propped up, so they can still join in on all the fun. Did we mention hilarious tiny arms attached?

Congrats PoolCandy!

ChicExecs PR Secures Pure Bloom in Beauty Independent


Our latest PR feature is for our client Pure Bloom in Beauty Independent!

Pure Bloom creates luxury CBD products of impeccable quality, purity and efficacy. The brand only uses pure, strategically sourced, performance-driven ingredients, including organic hemp from their family farm and certified organic botanicals. Pure Bloom is the culmination of founder, Wendy May’s, agricultural upbringing in rural Maine where her passion for plants started in her grandparent’s greenhouse on her family 250-acre farm and a 25 year professional career in scientific research and drug development.

May is featured in the ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs about they’re adapting to the business changes during the Coronavirus outbreak. During this crisis, Pure Bloom is seeking ways to improve its social impact and establish long-term partnerships with local charitable organizations. May also gives the advice to remain calm, stay incredibly nimble, seek support from your network of fellow indie founders, and consider economic alternatives to your operations that don’t compromise your product quality or brand integrity.

Speaking of calmness, as panic sweeps through the country, Pure Bloom CBD is reminding people to be calm and take care of one’s health by keeping hands sanitized. While it is easy to fall into the trap of fear as store shelves empty rapidly, Pure Bloom CBD founder Wendy May wants consumers to feel at ease knowing they can order hand sanitizer online.

The all new Organic CBD Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizing Spray is unlike any other sanitizer on the market. This powerhouse spray combines the antiseptic power of 80 percent certified organic ethyl alcohol (hospital grade) with the skin hydrating benefits of full spectrum CBD and other skin-loving ingredients to leave your hands feeling soft and nourished after every use.

Check out Pure Bloom for the CBD Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizing Spray that’s giving back with a portion of every sale going directly to support vulnerable women, families and elderly patients who need immediate relief during this time.

Congrats Pure Bloom!

ChicExecs PR Secures BrewFerm in Mental Floss

Our latest PR feature is for our client BrewFerm in Mental Floss!

Belgian homebrew supplier BrewFerm makes crafting your favorite Belgium drafts easy with kits that take the guesswork out of your glass. Each kit comes with all the equipment you need to clean, ferment and cap your pints, as well as all the ingredients carefully premeasured and ready to brew. Simply add sugar and water and then follow the instructions.

Keep in mind that each type of beer takes about a minimum of two months to fully ferment and mature.  Once it’s ready, you’ll be sampling and sharing your beer, including:

Tripel Terror – A strong and malty beer that’s slightly spiced
Flemish Fiend – An aromatic beer with lingering licorice notes
Belgian 1774 – A brown ale with light sourness and a sweet aftertaste
Dubbel Damme – A Belgian Dubbel that’s dark, chocolatey, and rich
Divine Deliverance – A Belgian IPA  with that signature herbal, bitter aftertaste
Pious Pilsner – A refreshing Pilsner with a slight bitterness and hop aroma
Beastly Belge – A true Belgian ale with malt undertones and a soft finish
Bighorn Blonde – A full-bodied yet balanced beer with high alcohol content
Sinister Stout – A dark smooth beer with hints of chocolate and coffee
Sacred Saison – A richly golden beer with flavors of herbs, spices, and fruit
Wicked Wheat – A cloudy, complex, tart yet fresh brew

When you’re ready for more, simply order another batch of your desired mix. Each mix makes 20-30 pints and are available on Amazon. Since 1972, Brewferm has been a family-owned business and a leader in the homebrew market. Direct from Belgium, they offer homebrew mixes and brewing kits along with everything you need to produce the finest beers in the land, all in your own home.

Check out BrewFerm for the home beer brewing kit that helps you pick up a new hobby and a great tasting one at that.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Caribu in Red Tricycle


Our latest PR feature is for our client Caribu in Red Tricycle!

Caribu is the app making virtual playdates with friends and family easier than ever before. They’ve just gone free for friends and family members to stay connected and make memories during the coronavirus outbreak! Due to growing concerns and quarantines over the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 400 million children around the world have been dismissed from school, are missing friends and are unable to see their extended families. Named the top app in this category, Caribu is helping bridge the gap created by social distancing and self-isolation by making their award-winning service free with unlimited access during this tumultuous time.

“Kids are feeling the effects of the outbreak, but don’t always understand why grandma can’t come visit, why the special family spring break trip may have been canceled, or why they’re out of school for weeks,” said Caribu CEO and co-founder Max Tuchman. “Everything we do is about creating more meaningful connections, and that’s what we think is most important right now–keeping families connected in the most engaging way. We’re like Zoom for kids!”

With Caribu, kids can create special moments with their loved ones by going on a virtual playdate where they can read books from an extensive library of popular titles, play games and even color together in a video-call. Caribu is a way to stay connected and build memories year-round but especially during a time where millions of families are under self-quarantine. The app connects kids with relatives and friends anywhere in the world. Named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Best Inventions, it uses fun books and activities to help kids stay focused and engaged while video chatting. It also includes over 1000 plus titles (and growing) from leading children’s publishers like Highlights, Mattel, Usborne, Baby Einstein and more.

Check out Caribu for the virtual play date app that features fun games, educational activities and coloring pages. Available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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