ChicExecs Secures PoolCandy on Buzzfeed

Our latest feature is for our client PoolCandy on Buzzfeed!

PoolCandy’s glitter-filled inflatable ottoman was featured in their roundup of great items for dorm room decorating.

Check out PoolCandy for the glitzy ottoman that inflates and deflates in minutes and packs flat when you need extra dorm space.

Congratulations PoolCandy!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures Pure Daily Care in Woman’s World

Our latest feature is for our client Pure Daily Care in Woman’s World!

Pure Daily Care’s Ionic Facial Steamer made the list of “25 Relaxing Gifts for Moms in Need of Some Serious Pampering.”

Check out Pure Daily Care for the facial steamer system that revives and refreshes skin while treating mom to an at-home spa experience.

Congratulations Pure Daily Care!

The ChicExecs Team


ChicExecs Secures Tossits on Best Company

Our latest feature is for our client Tossits on Best Company!

Tossits garbage bags were featured as one of “11 Products that Protect Your Car’s Resale Value.” The article also included insight from Tossits Co-Founder and CEO Ben Riggan.

“We are parents and we were tired of driving a mobile landfill created by our children in the back seat. We were tired of always finding wrappers, juice boxes, tissues, and miscellaneous debris left behind by our kids and even us. We all live a busy life-style, spending a lot of time in our vehicles. We needed a simple solution to help keep our cars clean…and TOSSITS was born,” he said.

Check out Tossits for the “simple life hack for keeping a clean car.”

Congratulations Tossits!

The ChicExecs Team

Got an Unexpected Reporter Call? 12 Ways to Handle a Surprise Press Interview

ChicExecs Senior Director of PR & Operations Kristen Wessel shares her best advice for professionals who find themselves surprised by and unprepared for a reporter’s questions. Nobody likes to be caught off guard, so it’s best to have a plan for these kinds of situations.

“Don’t be defensive if they start asking questions. Be friendly and thoughtful but don’t give too much away.”

Read the full Forbes article here.



How to Raise Kids in an Instagram World

ChicExecs Senior Director of PR & Operations Kristen Wessel shares how parents can safeguard their teens’ well-being with healthy social media practices. She explains that there are plenty of reasons to love using Instagram, however, social media can sometimes cause unnecessary comparisons, dissatisfaction with life, and a feeling of being left out.

“How can we address the problem of social media and teen mental health? It’s time for parents to get involved and tackle teen mental health at home.”

Read her full article here on FamilyToday.


Out-of-the-Box Retailers to Inspire Your Next Strategy

ChicExecs Co-Founder/Co-President Kailynn Bowling explains how there are still benefits to businesses owning retail space. The trick is to get creative with them.

“As co-founder of a retail strategy firm, I believe the hottest trend to get more customers through the front door is experiential retail.”

The article states that over 80 percent of all retail sales happen in brick-and-mortar stores. The problem that’s plaguing retailers in 2019: how to get young shoppers interested in offline shopping again.

Read her full feature here on Inc.