ChicExecs PR Secures Huzi Infinity Pillow in USA Today


Our latest PR feature is for our client Huzi Infinity Pillow in USA Today!

This infinity pillow is the travel essential that allows you to feel at home wherever you go. You can can twist, wrap or bundle to relieve pain, pressure and fatigue while traveling. Its figure-eight design can be manipulated to create neck support, act as a lumbar pillow, window pillow, desk pillow, eye mask and even cancel noise. Machine washable, the Infinity Pillow is made with signature temperature-regulating materials to keep you cool and wrapped in a breathable bamboo fabric cover for added comfort that comes in six different colors.

In a perfect world, we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. In a less-than-ideal scenario, we seem to spend that same amount of time tossing, turning and counting sheep in hopes of falling asleep. Highlighted as a genius sleep product, it’s one must-have for catching your zzz’s especially while traveling. The Infinity Pillow is portable comfort when you want it, and rolls up into a compact size when you need to store it making it the perfect on-the-go companion. Its versatile Möbius shape to fit the needs of the space you’re in, whether it’s the window, aisle or middle seat, on the road, or at home with the whole couch to lounge on. 

Made for travelers by travelers, check out the Huzi Bamboo Sleep Mask made out of a soft, silky smooth, breathable fabric that’s gentle to the skin. Also designed for the comfort of your head, it’s designed with wide elasticized band ensures comfort fit and prevents hair creases.

Check out the Huzi Infinity Pillow that was called a super-plush “game changer” that provides enough structure that your head isn’t bobbing from side to side with the bumps in the road.

Congrats Huzi Infinity Pillow!

ChicExecs Secures Infinity Pillow on Rolling Stone

Our latest feature is for our client Infinity Pillow on Rolling Stone!

Rated by road trippers and frequent flyers alike as one of the most popular travel pillows in the world, Infinity Pillow made the list of “The Best Holidays Gifts to Buy Online.”

Check out Infinity Pillow for its U-shaped, flexible design that lets you contort it into any number of configurations, to find a sleeping or resting style that works best for you.

Congratulations Infinity Pillow!

The ChicExecs Team