ChicExecs PR Secures Ecoslay in MadameNoire


Our latest PR feature is for our client EcoSlay in MadameNoire!

Ecoslay holds the philosophy that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put into it. Aside from offering a line of affordable vegan, no-filler formulas, the brand takes natural hair care a step further educating consumers about the ingredients it uses by explaining their purpose. Featured in a review for curly hair, the Orange Marmalade Curl Definer is for frizz-free days and tresses that shine. Packed with nutrition, your hair will drink it up. Naturally curly hair needs its staple products but this one is a new addition to highly consider. Ecoslay’s top-seller almost sounds like a smoothie when you read its ingredients: flaxseed and agave nectar extract, aloe vera juice and sweet orange essential oil. It should even be kept in the refrigerator after opening to ensure its freshness. If you would like to test out this product, it’s pretty easy on the pockets. Right now, the 4 ounce bottle costs $10, the 8 ounce bottle is $16 and the 16 ounce bottle is $24. If you become a subscriber, you can save five percent on each purchase.

Other Ecoslay haircare products include the Banana Cream Deep Conditioner, Ginger and Moringa Tea Rinse, Moonshine Hair and Body Oil and Matcha Boost Conditioner. Founded by Adria Marshall in 2015, the hair line—based on homemade products for her own naturally, curly style—has grown to 30 retailers across the globe and has received quite a following from those with curly and wavy hair textures. No matter how much her business grows, one aspect remains the same. Each product is still handmade in her kitchen using carefully chosen and thoroughly-explained ingredients—no labs, no factories and no warehouses. The result is hair care that’s as innovative as it is natural and sustainable.

Check out Ecoslay for Orange Marmalade Curl Definer that gives curly hair a healthy boost.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Ecoslay in Bella Magazine

Our latest PR feature is for our client Ecoslay in Bella Magazine!

Ecoslay holds the philosophy that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put into it. Aside from offering a line of affordable, quality formulas, the brand takes natural hair care a step further educating consumers about the ingredients it uses by explaining their purpose. The article features Ecoslay founder Adria Marshall.

Black History Month celebrates more than past African American leaders and heroes, and their achievements. It reminds us to also acknowledge those who are shaping the future. With product placement in 30 retailers and 20k followers on social media, Marshall is one African American entrepreneur to watch this February, with her hair care brand.

The business owner, wife and mom of three strives to do more than offer a line of vegan, no-filler formulas for natural hair. She plays the role of educator in two ways: by teaching consumers how natural, eco-friendly ingredients can transform their hair and by serving as a career mentor with the way she manages her brand. Years before Ecoslay started receiving Instagram attention for its curl-perfecting Orange Marmalade or innovative Hot Sauce Pre-Poo/Hot Oil Treatment for a healthy scalp, Marshall began her own natural hair journey and discovered products like these didn’t exist on the market.

As an avid gardener and tech enthusiast, Marshall began to educate herself on effective hair ingredients and to her surprise, the more natural they were, the better her hair looked and felt. What makes Ecoslay different from other natural hair care companies is the way Marshall pays all of her knowledge forward. The brand lists product ingredients and additionally explains their purpose. Despite her success, Marshall manages to stay grounded following four core principles that touch upon education, health and wellness, respecting the environment and respecting humanity.


Check out Ecoslay for the hair care line based on homemade products for naturally, curly styles.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Volo on the Today Show


Our latest PR feature is for our client VOLO on the Today Show!

Showcased in the Deals & Steals segment, the VOLO Hero Quick Dry Towel is the softest microfiber towel your hair has ever met.

When it comes to taking great care of your hair, towel drying is often the most important. Wet hair is vulnerable hair, and a traditional bath towel causes hair breakage and tugs on your scalp as you rough dry your hair.

The VOLO Hero is here to change that. It’s made of microfiber material that’s soft and plush, making it extremely absorbent and much gentler on your locks. The Hero decreases dry time by 50 percent by removing more water than other towels. In fact, it can absorb ten times its weight in water. The snag-free grippy strap ensures your towel will stay tucked into place—no more wobbling to the side or falling off completely. Simply wrap your hair up, tuck under the strap, leave up as long as you please and continue conquering the world. It’s a time-saver, a hair health savior and an essential addition to your hair care routine. Not all heroes wear capes.

Check out VOLO’s entire line of innovative hair care products including the VOLO Go Cordless Hair Dryer. Using healthy infrared heat and lithium-ion batteries, the Go is as effective as a salon hair dryer. The VOLO Go lets you dry your hair anywhere, not just tethered to a bathroom outlet, giving you the freedom to dry your hair on the go. It makes a great option for travel. The VOLO Go’s patented system using infrared heat and lithium-ion batteries means your hair will dry quicker with less damage and end up healthier.

Check out VOLO for the Hero Quick Dry Towel that gets your beauty game on point giving you a great, frizz-free hair day everyday.

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ChicExecs PR Secures Xmondo Hair Founder in Elite Daily


Our latest PR feature is for our client Brad Mondo, founder of Xmondo Hair in Elite Daily!

Brad Mondo is a hairstylist and American internet personality known for his YouTube channel that provides educational hair themed entertainment. His haircare line Xmondo Hair is committed to providing salon quality products. In the article, Mondo shares the best haircuts for long-haired ladies to try in the new year.

Check out Xmondo for the expert haircare that helps you achieve top hair trends.

Congrats Brad Mondo and Xmondo!

ChicExecs Secures Glister on Bustle

Our latest feature is for our client Glister on Bustle!

The Interstellar Hair Dryer made the list of “20 Gift Ideas For Your Busiest Friend In 2019.” Let’s face it. If you have a lot of hair to dry and time is of the essence, a mediocre hair dryer just won’t do.

Check out Glister for the hair dryer that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

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ChicExecs Secures Become Nutrition on Your Tango

Our latest feature is for our client Become Nutrition on Your Tango!

Become Nutrition’s Be Clean Hair, Skin, Nail & Probiotic made the list of “20 Best Collagen Peptides to Nourish Your Skin and Body.”

Check out Become Nutrition for the vegan capsules with Collagen Hydrolysate to heal outer skin and joint pain and Hyaluronic Acid which helps the anti-aging process.

Congratulations Become Nutrition!

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