5 Ways to Forge a Charitable Work Culture

Nikki Carlson, ChicExecs Marketing Agency’s Co-Founder/Co-President shares five tips to make giving back second-nature at your business on Conscious Company blog. She explains that cultural change is hard. What if you want to create a charitable culture at work? It’s even harder. Your employees are busy and giving back might not be the first thing on their minds (or your mind, for that matter).

Giving back isn’t just the right thing to do. It has tremendous benefits for your business, like:

  • bonding your employees
  • giving your team a sense of purpose
  • boosting your company’s image as a brand that gives back
  • reduce workplace stress

Don’t you want engaged, motivated employees and a shining reputation in the community? Of course you do! That’s why leaders need to lead the charge and create a culture of giving back.

“Giving back isn’t just the right thing to do; it has tremendous benefits for your business,” she said.

Here’s how to make it second-nature at your company:

1. Don’t make it mandatory. The only thing worse than “mandatory fun” is “mandatory volunteering.” If you force employees to use their Saturday picking up trash on the side of the road, they aren’t going to be happy. If anything, they’ll feel demoralized.

2. Tap into your team’s passion. Giving back is more fun when you give to a cause you’re passionate about. To rally your employees around a cause that motivates them, see what they’re passionate about.

3. Make it a team-bonding experience. Work is a lot more fun when you enjoy your coworkers. You don’t have to make your team best friends or anything, but approach giving back as a bonding experience.

4. Tie giving back to your business objectives. Try creating a charitable culture that’s tied to your business niche or objectives. What does your business have to give the world? Is there a way to tie your product, services, or expertise with a charity?

5. Lead by example. Culture doesn’t happen because you will it to happen. It happens from the top-down, which means CEOs and leaders have to be the first to embrace giving back.

Read Nikki Carlson’s full blog on how to create the culture (and world) that you want to see by giving back.



ChicExecs Secures Coalatree on Forbes

Our latest feature is for our client Coalatree on Forbes!

Named for being one of the best travel gifts that gives back, the Kachula Adventure Blanket is distributed to those in need.

Check out Coalatree for the versatile, water-resistant blanket designed to also be used as a pillow, cold weather poncho or sleep sack for wherever your travels take you.

Congratulations Coalatree!

The ChicExecs Team

Why Giving Back Increases Brand Loyalty

ChicExecs Co-Founder Nikki Carlson discusses the benefits of businesses giving back. She explains that although corporate responsibility is important, it should resonate with the brand and audience.

“Embrace your mission and values to create a giving program that will grow your brand and change the world for years to come.”

Read the full Forbes article here.



KESS InHouse #Gamechangers

At ChicExecs, we are very thankful to partner with talented and passionate entrepreneurs! We look forward to traveling alongside of them to “change the game” and make a difference in 2015!

kessinhouseangelhousegiveOur Client KESS InHouse is one such business that is working hard to make a huge difference in the world around them. KESS InHouse has teamed up with Angel House to build an Orphanage in India. It is the mission of Angel House to bring abandoned children from the slum to safety and into the loving arms of caretakers that will educate, love and raise them to become future leaders in their generation.

It costs $17,500 to open an orphanage through Angel House. KESS InHouse has a goal is to raise that amount to build a new orphanage, with a hope to build, furnish and open an orphanage in 2015. Your donation can help them to meet that goal.

They are also offering free gifts to anyone who donates even the smallest amount. Even a small donation can make a huge impact.

100% of the money donated will go toward building the orphanage.

You can make a donation and find out more about their orphanage plans here!

Also check out this video to learn more about the mission of Angel House.

KESS InHouse is a uniquely innovative concept of modern home furnishings & decor! KESS transforms and encourages the home decor market to step outside of the average decorating boundaries and add art to the home! San Diego, Ca based, KESS Inhouse offers a cutting edge array of product line involving throw pillows, duvet covers, tempered glass cutting boards, shower curtains, and just about any other home decor product you can think of! With every purchase made with KESS Inhouse, the artists receives a percentage of the proceeds. KESS Inhouse not only supports the art community but adds a level of sophistication, creativity and art to the home decor market!