Stinkin’ of You Gift Cards from Poo~Pourri!

Let that special someone know you care with a Stinkin’ of You gift card from Poo~Pourri. These stylish persuasions for smelly occasions lead to resounding belly laughs when given for birthdays and anniversaries, or as thank you and get well notes. Each card comes with one 5ml sample of Poo~ Pourri’s environmentally friendly blend of essential oils and natural odor eliminators. Unlike other air fresheners that simply mask unwanted smells, Poo~ Pourri stops them from ever hitting the air. Just spray the bowl before going to the bathroom and let sweet, clean scents be the only things left behind. Founder and aromatherapy specialist Suzy Batiz has transformed the $25K start up into a $4M enterprise boasting over 60 different products being sold in five countries.

company: Poo~Pourri