Silk Wrap Bracelet with Om Charms, Peace Sign and African Jade

This bracelet features two gold plated Om charms, a peace sign, and a beautiful wire wrapped African jade teardrop bead. Om is the Sanskrit letters or symbol for the “sacred” Hindu sound om. This sacred symbol blesses people with luck, material comforts and spiritual powers. Jade represents worthiness, lasting values, and long life. All of the silk ribbons I use are hand painted and simply stunning. The photos do not do them justice. Both the color and the texture are amazing. This one is a gorgeous mix of dark green, deep burgundy, and rust. It is 35 inches long – Just wrap around your wrist, tie, tuck in the ends, and you are ready to go! This wrap also makes a great necklace or anklet.

company: Charmed Design


price: $36.00