RejuvaHealth featured on Calculated Traveller

rejuvaCongratulations to our Client RejuvaHealth for their feature on Calculated Traveller!

The RejuvaHealth brand is comprised of several different compression collections, each inspired by a different user want or need unfulfilled by others in the marketplace. But don’t be fooled by their stylish finishes – all RejuvaHealth products contain graduated compression, are FDA-listed, and are made by a manufacturer with over 35 years industry experience.

    • ● Signature Collection offers graduated compression stockings embellished with a bevy of glamorous prints (think dots, diamonds, florals and more). Ideal for wearers seeking to satisfy their inner fashionista.
    • ● Lifestyle Collection takes easy, everyday staples and maximizes their wearability with innovative fabrics and cuts. This collection is great for wearers seeking to camouflage their compression.
  • ● Limited Edition Collection was produced at RejuvaHealth’s inception. Meant to make a bold style statement, each piece in this limited line offers vibrant prints produced via a proprietary textile printing technique.

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