Pure Love. Pure Luxury. Pyar & Co.

Inspired by the richness of India and drawn by the elegance and opulence of their textiles, Pyar & Co. strives to combine the classic look of Indian Saris with contemporary designs. Handcrafted by talented artisans, each pillow is formed from a portfolio of over 1400 exquisite Indian woven silks, jacquards, and velvets, and embellished with hand-dyed threads and beads that have been individually selected from Calcutta markets. The S Collection pairs the warm tones of golds, pinks, and rust accentuated with silver and frost colored beads for a look that is both luxuriously soft and sophisticated. Its neutral tones are set off with sparkling details reminiscent of dazzling snow and frost covered tree branches, letting the elegant side of the changing seasons set the mood. Pyar&Co. blends the rich details and colors of traditional Indian clothing with modern influences, paying tribute to the artistry of handcrafted pieces and the beauty of Indian culture.

company: Pyar&Co

website: www.pyarandco.com