Once upon a time in the land of India ,bloomed a beautiful plant of organic cotton called Mulmul .Smooth as silk,its velvety touch served as a hand woven quilts for royal princes and princesses.Today Baby Essentials endows you with the royal Organic Mulmul blanket just for your newborn.Lightweight and breathable,its open weave texture helps adjust to the natural body temperature,thereby making it suitable for all climates.The little Mulmul blanket coverlet is treated with vegetable dyes that have medicinal and healing properties which cocoon loved ones and help avoid skin irritations.Cushioned with a double layer of love and support,this blend of beautiful fine cotton enhances the bond between mommy’s warm heartbeat and baby’s softness.Soft and cuddly to hold,it has been nurtured with such love and care that makes it a must for every little