More than a summer accessory, the Bra Barrette is a year round fashion statement.

With winter on the horizon, now is the time to try a Swarovski Crystal Covered Bra Barrette to make holiday dress straps shine. The Bra Barrette is the only product designed to add Jewelry to the back of bras, tank tops, evening gowns and more. Using the Bra Barrette is a beautiful and functional way to keep the straps of all straps in place, keeping you stylish and confident! Made from a very flexible plastic, it bends and moves with you, making it so comfortable to wear, you forget it’s there! Simple to use – it slips easily onto straps, no weaving, no snapping, just hook it onto one strap and then the other! It’s now available in 3 sizes, our medium (original size) is perfect for most women, our new small sizei s perfect for preteen girls, and large is great for broad shoulders or large cup sizes. 12 different colors and 100 charms allows you to customize your style!

company: Bra Barrette