Make a New Year’s resolution to never be embarrassed by bathroom odors again!

Enlist the aid of Poo Pourri’s three new de-scent-sitizing Before-You-Go Bathroom Sprays and say goodbye to those toilet troubles in 2012. Poo Pourri is the guy and gal’s best friend in the fight against unmentionable odors, thanks to its blend of natural odor eliminators and essential oils. Simply spray the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know! This year, answer freely when nature calls and keep the howling good times rolling with Poo Pourri’s new Call of the Wild bathroom spray. Spritz the toilet lightly before lifting a leg and then flush away. The fresh scent of Wild Ruby Red Grapefruit will tantalize the nose while calming the savage beast that is bathroom odor. Poo Pourri sprays come in a number of different formats depending on their intended use. For those who are on-the-go and looking for something that can be easily and discreetly slipped into purses or pockets, pick up a 2 ounce bottle.

company: Poo~Pourri