Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Easily with EcoZip!

Learn to live well and eat healthy with a little advice from EcoZip and registered dietitian Tina Ruggiero. With EcoZip’s bags and sample meal plan, customers are getting the tools to a healthy lifestyle change that’s easy to implement and appealing to the palette and the body. The first step to keeping on track with a diet is to get organized. EcoZip bags keep track of appropriate portion sizes and zip up the ingredients and foods that need to be on hand later in the day. ina suggests dieters start the day with one cup of old fashioned oatmeal prepared with skim milk, butter, and dried cherries. Combine it with a cup of coffee or tea for a nutrient infused breakfast. Not a morning person? Measure it out into an EcoZip bag and enjoy at work! Thanks to EcoZip bags, dieters can stick to the plan while on-the-go and not let their portions get out of control. Their triple zipper system keeps snacks and meals separated.

company: BeSatori


price: $3.99