Looking for Unique Baby Accessories? Come check out CandiCheeks.com!

These pair of adorable baby socks features a multi-colored pattern with a plush decorative sunflower character sewed to the front. The best part of these socks is the rubber bottom. The socks are non skid and will prevent your little one from falling , especially at the stages when they start to walk. These socks are perfect for the upcoming Spring season! Product details include size 0-12 months, machine washable and made of 100% cotton. CandiCheeks is a unique online baby boutique that carries the most cutest and adorable baby accessories, such as booties, bibs, socks, and hats, leggings and even stationary that is impossible to find in regular retail markets.

company: CandiCheeks, LLC

website: www.candicheeks.com

price: $4.99