Keep Girls away from chemicals while teaching healthy skin care habits

Emerging research suggests girls may be particularly sensitive to even trace leves of hormone-disrupting chemicals due to the complex changes hapening in their bodies during puberty. Armed with this knowledge, Good For You Girls founders developed a skin care line that not only helps moms teach their daughters healthy skin care habits it keeps them away from harmful chemicals. Products are made with the finest all natural and organic ingredients and specifically developed for the special needs of younger skin. Deep cleansing and bacteria fighting botanicals are balanced with organic extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants that pamper and protect. All products are free from parabens, sulfates, propolyne glycol, phthalates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrance and dyes. Keeping girls away from chemicals is just the beginning, Good For You Girls is a great way to show your daugher how special she is and teach her the skills to make better decisions for a lifetime.

company: Good For You Girls


price: $19.99