Indoor/Outdoor traction for dogs – now paired with healing solution!

Power Paws, the original “traction sock for dogs” from Woodrow Wear are suitable for both indoor and outdoor needs!! Indoors, use for traction, mobility, warmth, protecting hardwood floors, and protecting foot injuries. Outdoors, keeps ice, salt, and snow from pads, plus allergens, and hot pavement and sand will not burn pads. Perfect paired with Vet Aid healing solution! Power Paws are available in 2 styles – regular for most dogs (in 8 sizes & 11 colors/designs), and “Greyhound Edition” for hare-footed breeds like Greyhounds, Poodles, Whippets, and Aussies (in 4 sizes & 1 color)! Vet Aid is now available as well, in spray or foam, for use on pets or people. Truly magic in a can! Completely natural sea salt solution promotes healing. Power Paws are made of eco-friendly cotton/elastic for comfort. They do not need buckles or Velcro. Machine wash and dry. 98% of 80,000+ dogs in 37 countries do NOT mind wearing them! Power Paws samples available. Vet Aid samples NOT available.

company: Woodrow Wear, LLC