Healthy Sleeping In Natural Comfort

Who doesn’t want a better sleep that is comfortable, safe, organic, eco-friendly, and natural? More importantly, who doesn’t want that for their brand new baby? Your baby will spend most of their infant life in bed, so it’s important that they have comfort, warmth, and safety while keeping nature’s balance in mind. EgroPouch does just that for you with their wide range of organic baby sleeping bags, bamboo pyjamas, and easy to use swaddles. A unique blend between a baby blanket and regular sleeping bag, ErgoPouch is a great way to allow your baby to move freely without getting tangled in those fancy baby blankets. So easy and so fast, the ErgoPouch had a clever upside down zipper that keeps those clever ones from unzipping themselves, and helps creates easy diaper changes. After having their first born Xavier, in an effort to get their new bundle of joy to sleep, the Sack family wanted to develop the most comfortable, safe & healthy sleeping environment to reduce awake time. Visit ww

company: Baby Banz, Inc


price: $29.95