Have you hugged your country today?

Chocolate in Peanut Butter offers a place for consumers to shop for exquisite pieces that are all “made in the USA”. The sites name is derived from an unmistakable and uniquely American combination- chocolate in peanut butter. When these unexpected pieces are put together, they offer what we call “an explosion of yumminess”. We believe in America and seek to invigorate her artisans and manufacturers through positive promotion. We want USA brands to have greater prominence for those in our country seeking to buy things made right here at home. This is an efficient way to shop the “made in America” label. Support our local friends and neighbors while shopping for yummy pieces. Chocolate in Peanut Butter is the best place to browse affordable adournments made in America. If you would like to see the “made in America” label grow, share your Chocolate in Peanut Butter with freinds and family. Keeping the “made in America” label alive and growing-beautifully.

company: Chocolate in Peanut Butter

website: www.chocolateinpeanutbutter.com