Glam iPad Cases For the Holiday Season

The iPad will likely be the “it” gift for the holidays, but that means that everyone will need an iPad case to go with it. Specializing in fashion accessories for technology, Kolobags has stocked up on the best selection of iPad cases. For someone who wants to stay basic black but with a twist, the Logiix Roadster is a high-end, carbon fiber design on the exterior and adapts to allow one to enjoy the iPad in 3 different viewing positions, all without leaving the case. For the guy or gal who likes to create their own look, the Shinnorie Ringo iPad Leather sleeve is ideal. New to the U.S., choose from 26 colors for the main body and choose again for the accent colors (pictured in neon pink and glam silver). There is even a choice of a handle and a removable strap. Play around in the online configurator as much as you like, and then in 3 weeks, expect the custom-made iPad case to be in hand. Both are available online at exclusively this holiday season.

company: Kolobags