Giant Paisley Paint-by-Number Wall Mural

This giant-sized Paint by Number Pwall mural will make a bold statement in any room. Paint it bright fun colors, or paint it subtle shades of the same color for a sophisticated look. It measures 14′ wide by 7′-9″ tall. You can paint the whole think or crop it to fit your room. It will make an dramatic impact on your room but not your budget. It’s only $109.95. This DIY Paint-by-Number mural is easy enough even for the “artistically challenged”. Simply TAPE, TRACE & PAINT and you, too, can transform a potentially boring space into into a fun space with a hand-painted wall mural. This is definitely a DIY project you’ll be proud of! UNlike stick-on murals & decals, Elephant on the Wall murals can be reused, reversed or repeated in whole or in part and you can even change the colors for that perfect match. Check out our website for LOTS more murals of different sizes, types and themes. Our murals are always fun, unique and/or whimsical

company: Elephants on the Wall


price: $109.95