FROWNIES Beautiful Eyes

Every woman wants Beautiful Eyes and Frownies has just the package. Introducing a new eye gel used to stop the signs of aging on the under eye and eye lid area made of all natural cactus collagen and bear berry, along with Forehead and Between Eyes patch to correct expression lines etching their way on to the skin. Rose Water Hydrating Spray is used with both items to activate and prolong use of the products as well as plump fine lines. 49% vitamin E serum Immune Shield is an important part of Beautiful Eyes to daily protect and restore the eye skin area. Your Beautiful Eyes are the goal. Package includes 3 sets of 2 eye gels to be used as 9 treatments, 144 Forehead and Between Eye patches, Rose Water Hydrator and plumper 2.0 ounces, & Immune Shield Serum 2.0 ounces.

company: B&P Company Inc


price: $124.00