Elephants on the Wall introduces When Pigs Fly!

Some people believe that they’ll paint a wall mural when pigs fly! But we are here to tell you that ANYONE can paint a beautiful hand-painted mural and be proud of it! Our newest series of murals, “When Pigs Fly”, the murals feature several adorable little pigs – each one determined to fly. Whether it’s in a plane, hang glider, hot air balloon, home made wings or wings of their own each one uses his creativity and determination to achieve his goal. These DIY Paint-by-Number murals are easy enough even for the “artistically challenged”. Simply TAPE, TRACE & PAINT and you, too, can transform a potentially boring or ugly space into into a canvas for swashbuckling pirates, safari adventures, princess parties, barnyard beauty and more. Unlike stick-on murals, Elephant on the Wall murals can be reused, reversed or repeated in whole or in part. Elephants on the wall carries over 200 murals to choose from and they can even do custom designs for a bit more.

company: Elephants on the Wall

website: www.elephantsonthewall.com

price: $49.95