Don’t Let Your Holiday Stink! Santa Poo is the Perfect Holiday Gift!

Make the Christmas season merry for friends and loved ones with Poo~Pourri, the only toilet bowl deodorizer small enough to fit in a stocking yet strong enough to suppress any odor. With the holidays fast approaching and a gift list a mile long, check a few things off with Poo~Pourri’s many Before-You-Go Bathroom sprays. These sweet treats for the toilet are unique gifts that are not only handy, but tasteful! Sneak a bottle of their sophisticatedly packaged and perfectly sized sprays in everyone’s stocking and enjoy a house full of the scents of the season, not the scents of the restroom. Santa Poo features a natural blend of essential oils that create a film over the water, trapping unwanted bathroom odors before they can come to light. All that will be left behind is the unique and pleasing aroma of Christmas Holly and citrus, scents that are sure to bring a twinkle to Santa’s eye. Poo~Pourri products come in a number of sizes and styles for every walk of life.

company: Poo~Pourri