Disposable Makeup Guard by Garment Saver. Perfect for the Bride & her Party!

WEDDING GOWNS GO THROUGH A LOT OF TRY-ONS; from shopping trips to match accessories and fittings at the tailor to getting dressed on the wedding day. The Makeup & Hairstyle Guard by Garment Saver helps protect your dress from lipstick smudges, foundation smears and hair product stains at every appointment. Plus, it holds hairstyle & jewelry securely in place. ABOUT THE DISPOSABLE MAKEUP GUARD Our sheer face cover keeps your makeup from smudging as you pull clothing over your head; plus it holds your hairstyle in place. -One-piece construction stretches easily over most hairstyles -Made in a breathable, gauze that won’t cling to your face -Designed to be disposable but can be re-used multiple times Travel size clear zippered pouch makes it easy to drop into your purse, luggage or glove compartment! Comes in a 3-pack for $9.5

company: Garment Saver by Hot Accent LLC

website: http://www.garmentsaver.com/index.php/clothing-guards

price: $9.50