Crosses, Frames bring meaning to moms and babies

Sue Berk Designs line of ceramic crosses, wood frames and baby blankets add beauty and meaning to baby’s nursery, or any room in the house. All products feature biblical verses, hip or classic colors, and fit today’s trendy baby. Scriptures such as “For this child, I have prayed” are especially meaningful to parents who may have tried to have a child for a long time, had a baby in the NICU, or had a sick child. Choose from many styles to suit the occasion or child you are shopping for. The crosses, frames and blankets are also an especially wonderful gift for Christening or Baptism and have become a favorite with new moms across the country. 57 cross styles, 6 frame styles, 12 blanket styles. Available at 1000+ stores across the US, and on 20+ websites.Lead-free paints and glazes. Retail prices from $12-$30.

company: Sue Berk Designs


price: $22.00