Clothing Care Tips – Prevent Bed Bug and Other Pest Infestation

With bedbug infestation on the rise, using proper clothing care techniques are an effective way to control these and other pests like moths and silverfish. Here are 7 great ideas: Once home from your trip have a routine in place: -Keep luggage away from furniture and examine thoroughly. -Place worn items in a tightly closed trash bag away from other clothes. -Launder washables in the hottest water possible and take dry cleaning in as soon as possible. For general maintenance -Clean items before storage to remove food, dead skin and other stains that can attract pests. – Vacuum and dust your closet regularly to keep it clean and fresh. – Use deterrents like moth balls, lavender or mint in closets and drawers. – Store items in either breathable or vacuum seal bags to keep pests away. For more ideas, see our video “Prevent bed bug & other pest infestation” at It’s part of our continuing endeavor to help customers care for their wardrobe…with style!

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