Changing The Way Parents And Babies Live!!!!!

What if you could let your brand new baby feed themselves? I know what you’re thinking, “I just had my baby 3 months ago, they couldn’t possibly be ready to help feed themselves?”. Well now with the help of The Orignal LLC they can, and you can get a little independence yourself! The Ba is the first ever baby bottle made for the actual baby. The new revolutionary Ba helps develop their ability to grasp and hold objects by giving them a shape that is not only eye catching, but helpful to grab as well! The design is so great that they are actually able to develop the ability to not just hold it, but to bring it up to their mouth without any help. A task that most infants can take up to a year to accomplish! The Ba is made of FDA-approved silicon and is BPA-free. It’s soft , safe, and encourages play. It’s also pthalate-lead free, so parents can have comfort knowing their baby is safe. Currently it is sold in boutiques across the U.S. and in Europe, and!

company: Baby Banz, Inc


price: $14.99