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1 Voice featured in The Knot Magazine


Congratulations to our Client 1 Voice for their feature in The Knot Magazine!

Treat your bridesmaids to premium earphones from 1 Voice, a gold treat for her ears.

These high definition, noise-isolating earphones incorporate a dynamic audio system with powerful drivers to provide you with a remarkable listening experience. The aluminum alloy housing prevents vibrations and unwelcome sound from tainting your listening experience. The nylon cable with silicon coating eliminates tangling and are long enough to comfortably keep your phone in your pocket while listening to your favorite tunes. Each set of earphones comes with 3 different sizes of earbud sleeves for comfort and to maximize noise isolation.

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Mother Trucker featured in US Weekly


Congratulations to our Client Mother Trucker for their feature in US Weekly!

Teen Mom star, Maci Bookout, celebrated her bachelorette weekend in Vegas and partied in style in her Mother Trucker hat.

The brand boasts a variety of collections including their “MRS.” Collection, celebrating wives and future wives with messages like “Wifey”. The perfect accessory for upcoming bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or everyday wear.

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Mother Trucker featured on CELEBUZZ


Congratulations to our Client Mother Trucker for their feature on CELEBUZZ!

Add the chic celebrity favorite, Mother Trucker, to your list of Bachelorette Party essentials. These are no ordinary hats. Mother Trucker adds their prominent hints of chic glamour to every hat, making them ultra-distinguishable and oozing with pizazz. Vibrant colors with trendsetting hashtags and mottos with a dash of sparkle make up this hat line.

These incredibly fashionable trucker hats may already look familiar – in the few months since launching they already have a huge celebrity following including Jenny McCarthy, Gretchen Rossi, Tess Holiday and the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Renpure featured on Inside Weddings


Congratulations to our Client Renpure for their feature on Inside Weddings!

Coconut water offers a burst of hydration and coconut oil can be used in place of other oils while cooking, so it’s no wonder coconut is also used in many beauty products. The Renpure Black Label Coconut line includes a range of items, including easy-pump shampoo and conditioner products, that are free of sulfates, parabens, harsh salts, dyes, and gluten. The line also includes a Coconut Water Replenishing Treatment Mist, which is a great portable option for brides on the go. Quickly spritz the product into your hair between wedding-related appointments for softness and shine, while controling frizz, smoothing tangled strands, and preventing breakage and split ends.

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PoniLox featured in Southern Bride Magazine


Congratulations to our Client PoniLox for their feature in Southern Bride Magazine!

PoniLox is a new easy-to-use hair accessory that can secure any look in place without creasing, so you can achieve a gorgeous ‘do every day! Loose buns, sleek chignons and classic twists… the options are endless and effortless!

PoniLox is the first and only patented French comb that features a unique pivoting barette with elastic stretch—no hair-damaging metal in sight! Instead, the high-quality plastic makes for a super quick and comfortable beauty routine. Your locks will thank you! Check them out at!

Hey Lady Shoes featured on


Congratulations to our Client Hey Lady Shoes for their feature on!

As “professional wedding crashers,” twins Emily and Jessica knew they needed fashionable heels they could dance the night away in without getting painful sores and blisters. They quickly founded Hey Lady to save every shoe-loving gal around the country, using NASA-developed memory foam combined with timeless design. Their heels blend elegance and comfort in styles reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O.

Hey Lady debuted online in Spring 2009 and grew from word of mouth.  They have shipped 33+ countries from the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand, providing an accessible luxury with lasting comfort to brides, bridesmaids, MOBs, and dancing queens worldwide. Check them out at!


theUncommonGreen featured in World Bride Magazine


Congratulations to our Client theUncommonGreen for their feature in World Bride Magazine!

Give a custom gift they will never see coming and never forget. Now you can add personalized text, such as initials, an inside joke, or custom coordinates, to the theUncommonGreen’s bestselling City Map Barware collection of timeless glassware etched in stunning detail with the streets, neighborhoods, and landmarks of cities around the U.S. and the world. Whether you’re pouring whiskey or beer, water or wine, or anything in between, you will love sharing and celebrating life’s great moments with our uniquely crafted lineup of customizable rocks, pint, wine, and carafe glass styles.

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Chic Buds, KindNotes, PoniLox, Wraps, and Posy Box featured on New You


Congratulations to our Clients Chic Buds, KindNotes, PoniLox, Wraps and Posy Box featured on New You!

chicbudstasselpowerNever be without your phone cable again! Simply attach this adorable tassel charm, by Chic Buds, to your favorite bag or key ring and you will always have your phone cable close by for those all-too-often charging emergencies.

“This is perfect for your always-on-the-go bridesmaids who turn to you constantly asking to borrow your phone charger. This innovative, convenient, and fashionable creation acts as a both an accessory for your phone and a charging source as well!” Check them out at!


KindNotes makes it easy to send a smile to anyone each day. Surprise them with a fully-assembled keepsake jar of messages enclosed in linen envelopes to be opened each day, or anytime they need a smile.

“Kind Notes give you the perfect opportunity to tell your BFF’s just how much they mean to you in 31 unique ways.”

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PoniLox is a new easy-to-use hair accessory that can secure any look in place without creasing, so you can achieve a gorgeous ‘do every day! Loose buns, sleek chignons and classic twists… the options are endless and effortless!

“Ponilox creates fabulous hairstyles in just a few seconds! Have all your bridesmaids looking picture-perfect with this fun and practical gift that will serve for both the ceremony and beyond!” Check them out at!



Wraps Headphones offer a new take on in-ear audio – creating a fashion statement and outstanding practicality to the way you listen to your music.
A wide variation of colors and materials offer a create fit to your style and make you stand out

“Wraps makes it super easy to take your headphones with you everywhere you go. It’s comfortable, fashion forward, and practical for your busy bridesmaids.”

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Posy box is an online service that allows you to personalize your flowers by arranging your own bouquets. Choose your rose color, bouquet size, wrap and box design.

“What better way to show your appreciation than beautiful arrangements of flowers?” Check them out at!

Superstar Nail Lacquer featured on Sonoran Living

Congratulations to our Client Superstar Nail Lacquer for their feature on Sonoran Living!

Superstar Nail Lacquer is the hottest new polish with a vast collection of colors that dries fast and looks awesome. Need a polish to match your special attire? No Problem, Superstar colors are inspired straight from the runways of New York & LA Fashion Week. You will always find the color you need in this ultra chic collection of nail lacquer!

Superstar Nail Lacquer has become the latest trend for celebrity weddings, providing a beautiful way to add a pop of color. Check them out at!

Wordologies and Roma Boots featured in Bridal Guide

Congratulations to our Clients Wordologies and Roma Boots for their feature in Bridal Guide!

wordologies“Wordologies, founded by mother/daughter entrepreneurs DeAnn and Juliane Monko, not only centers their products around “mindfulness and well-being through inspirational messages” but also contributes 5% of their proceeds to Women for Women International, an organization dedicated to advancing women’s health and well-being by offering business and job-skills training in conflict-ridden nations. Wordologies’ products include candles, magnets, mugs, notepads and journals with sayings such as “Tranquility Triumphs” “Contentment Completes” and “Happiness Happens.” Prices range from $4 for a magnet to $36 for a candle.”

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romaboots“Roma Boots’ mantra is “For One. For All,” and this five-year-old company founded by Samuel Bistrian is determined to “give poverty the boot” by donating a pair of boots to a child in need for every boot sold. Roma Boots also contributes 10% of sales toward purchasing educational supplies to fill the boots before they are donated. Make your rainy days brighter with any one of their fab boot styles in basic shades of black, brown and navy or choose from a rainbow of colorful bright hues. And, for a limited time only, you can get the “Love Art” boot, $98 — how perfect for brides-to-be!”

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