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ChicExecs Lands Grillbot and Moore’s Marinade on The Celebrity Cafe

BBQ season is upon us! Chic Execs clients – Moore’s Marinades & Grillbot were both featured on The Celebrity Cafe in their article, Spring Into Barbeque Season.

A simple push of a button sends the Grillbot scurrying about, scrubbing away all that charred meat and burnt-on marinades from last summer. Its design allows it to be left on its own and will alert you when the job is done.

Moore’s Marinades and Sauces is an ever-expanding line of marinades and sauces, we provide #MooreFlavor for any cooking occasion. Share and enjoy!

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Working at ChicExecs

Chic Execs in the News – See what WALB 10 News had to say about Chic Execs being ranked in the 2017 Top Company Cultures.

“Great company cultures don’t happen on their own. They’re the result of great leadership, and a conscious effort to make everyone on a team feel engaged and important,” says Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur.

ChicExecs provides the recipe for success in our growing network and continues to service industry leaders around the country.

“Think outside the suit” with Chic Execs.

ChicExecs Ranked on 2017 Top Company Cultures List Presented by Entrepreneur and CultureIQ

No Surprise here! Chic Execs made the list of 2017 Top Company Cultures – featured on 9 & 10 News.

Chic Execs was ranked 35th on the Small Companies section of a list comprised of 153 companies total.

“The honorees on our 2017 list are proof that strong cultures make even stronger companies. Entrepreneurs at all levels can draw inspiration from them.” – Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur

Learn more about how Chic Execs is “setting the new standard for small-sized companies” –

Moore’s Marinades and Sauces feature in Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest pointed out 15 Superbowl Party Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making in an article and not using Moore’s Marinade & Sauces is definitely one of them!

Moore’s Marinade & Sauces is an ever-expanding line of marinades and sauces that provide #MooreFlavor for any cooking occasion.

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OROBOS N.Y.C. featured in SmarterTravel

Have you checked out SmarterTravel lately? Catch ChicExecs client OROBOS N.Y.C. in SmarterTravel! Check out the feature here:

OROBOS N.Y.C. is irreplaceable, innovative design built with function and comfort to enhance your metro lifestyle – Designed for your future. Shop their line here: