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A ChicExecs Weekend in NYC


Lately, we really can’t help but be stuck in an #EmpireStateofMind. How could we shake off the fast-paced, inspiring hustle-and-bustle we lived in the past weekend when we took ChicExecs straight to the streets of NYC?

It’s true! We traded palm trees for skyscrapers and met with the HQ office of Saks Fifth Avenue, the HQ office of American Eagle and put a Big Apple spin on the content creation for our Social Media clients.

What we loved most about New York was the immense feeling of inspiration that consumed us when exploring the city. The taxi-rides, the speed-walking, the elevator rides to the top floors and the views. We especially loved the views from the gorgeous conference room over at Saks Fifth Avenue HQ where we sat with their beauty department to represent some of our amazing clients. One of our retail strategy experts, Karla Dollberg, loved meeting with the Saks team for the insight she took and in building an even stronger connection with them.

“Having a strong relationship with buyers is key to a successful partnership and I’m lucky to have the connection with the Saks Fifth Avenue beauty team that I do. Sitting down with them gave me so much more insight into packaging, branding and more that I can deliver to my clients to grow their brand.” – Karla Dollberg, Retail Strategy Account Executive at ChicExecs PR and Branding Firm on her meeting with Saks Fifth Avenue

There are many renowned brands that are headquartered in New York and it’s no secret that New York is a major fashion capital of the world. After stopping for a quick latte, we waved down a taxi and headed to the American Eagle HQ office. Retail Strategy expert, Brianna Fulce met with the home, gifting and lifestyle buyers of American Eagle where she got an inside scoop on upcoming concepts and focuses.

“What was really cool about meeting with the American Eagle team was the open dialogue format. We were bouncing ideas back and forth with each other on upcoming concepts and what kind of brands and products they’re looking to have in-store now and in the future.”- Brianna Fulce, Retail Strategy Account Executive at ChicExecs PR and Branding Firm on her meeting in NYC

As we left the giant urban office with the gold eagles for handles, we ditched the taxi for some exploring on foot to really take in the big-city culture. Billboards of Beyonce, murals at every corner and more matcha spots than we could have ever imagined! We loved all the beauty to be found at every corner. Our fellow ChicExecs Social Media Account Executive, Victoria, took some of her clients with her to NYC, so she could get some shots around town.

“New York is an iconic U.S. city that is home to fashion, media, entertainment and business! I think it’s important to have social media content in NYC whenever you get the chance to, whether you’re a brand or influencer.”-Victoria Gonzales, Social Media Account Executive at ChicExecs PR and Branding Firm on having a social presence in NYC


Victoria recommends this essential tip in getting good social media shots: Try and keep product on you at all times when possible! You never know when you might see the perfect backdrop and lighting while you’re out and about that will make for an amazing shot. #FeedGoals don’t always come easy!

Here’s just a few shots she captured –

Oh, New York. How we miss you already! Overall, the ChicExecs team had a fabulous and successful time being New Yorkers for the weekend and we’re already counting the days until our next trip!

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ChicExecs Secures Clevermade in Buzzfeed!

Our latest feature is for our client Clevermade with their Quikfill Airchair featured in buzzfeed!

The Quikfill Airchair are easy to fill, easy to transport and no pump needed! Create a chair out of air, literally, QuikFill AirChair inflates in seconds.

The Quikfill Airchair is perfect for the summer, outdoors, and relaxing!

Congratulations Clevermade!

The ChicExecs Team

ChicExecs Secures Home Learning Company on KTLA

Check out our very own ChicExec superstar, Courtney Bustillos, on KTLA, talking about our client Home Learning Company!

Courtney showcases Home Learning Company’s “Grab the Match“, a game she loves to play with her 5 & 7 year olds. While the game is a memory matching game with shapes, colors, and sight words, she works on spelling shape and color words with her 7-year old.

Checking off another PR piece for Home Learning Company.

Until the next!

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Happy Boss’ Day to Our Nikki & Kailynn!

In honor of our fabulous, fearless leaders on National Boss’ Day, here are some kind words the ChicExecs team had to say about founders Nikki and Kailynn. We are so inspired every day by all that you do!


It is such a joy to work for two strong, intelligent, talented, and passionate women! You are amazing at what you do and lead our Chic family with such humility and grace. Happy Boss’ Day! You are so appreciated!

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” Sam Walton hit the nail on the head with this quote – as leaders of an organization of strong, passionate women, you make us feel valued, important, and capable every single day. Thank you for everything that you do and everything that you help us to be!

Happy boss day to our amazingly talented and fearless leaders! I am so blessed by the company you have built and to work under such devoted and strong women! Blessings to you both! So much love!!!! 

I love that Nikki and Kailynn create an environment that’s energetic, out-of-the-box and that champions each individual employee!

It’s an honor to work for two women that are as kind and as they are determined. Nikki and Kailynn have created a fun, supportive and inspiring company that not only is a leader in its industry, but is also one of high more values and integrity. Their dedication to their employees and their vision for the future, make working for ChicExecs a pleasure and an honor! 

GOLD – The best word to describe them!.  Everything they touch turns to GOLD, their hearts are made of GOLD. and they make everyone under their care feel like precious commodities that are truly valued and worthy of a safe and secure place to be. Nikki and Kailynn, your partnership and leadership are an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do for me, our team and our amazing company!! 

Both Nikki and Kailynn are amazing and inspirational entrepreneurs! They embody what a true boss lady should be – they have worked from the ground up, experienced the ups and downs of business, and have taken their valuable lessons to share with others. I am incredibly grateful for the gift they have given me as their employee. N+K show me every day what it takes to succeed and they allow me to grow within my career both creatively and professionally! Thank you!

I started my internship for ChicBuds five years ago at a pivotal point in my career. Working for a doctor’s office and attending medical school at night, I had decided to put my creative side on hold and look for work in a “safe” field.  When I met Nikki & Kailynn, they mentored me every step of the way, taking the time to show me how the “creative” could be a career. I am so grateful for their guidance & support. They have impacted my life in so many ways and helped mold me into the woman I am today. 

Kailynn and Nikki are the warmest, most understanding, and most helpful bosses I’ve ever had in my professional career 🙂 From needing personal time for family matters to helping you make the most out of your career, they go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of as an employee and friend and then cheer you on as you succeed. They are the absolute best bosses in the world; I can’t imagine ever having a better employer.

I am so blessed to have two amazing, strong, women guiding me through my career. I am so appreciative of everything you have done for me and ChicExecs. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to work for such a magical company. Thank you for always being so great! I hope your day is filled with lots of laughter and love!

Nikki and Kailynn – thank you both so much for your inspiring and humbling leadership. Working for this company has been such a blessing and I’m so thankful for you both! I hope to continue to contribute to the empowering company culture that you two have established here at ChicExecs. We appreciate you ladies so much – today and every day! 

I love being on this journey at ChicExecs. I am so grateful to work for you and to be a part of all the exciting growth here. I love the culture and how you encourage intrepreneurship. What an inspiration you both are.

Happy National Boss Day to the two most inspiring boss ladies around! Here’s to you both for being incredible leaders who inspire every single one of us here at ChicExecs! Wish we could celebrate and spoil you as much as you spoil us here!

We adore you! xo