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KindNotes, Chic Buds, 1 Voice and Blingsting featured in Gladys Magazine


Congratulations to our Clients KindNotes, Chic Buds, 1 Voice and Blingsting for their feature in Gladys Magazine!

kindnotesgladysInstead of chocolates or flowers, send them a unique, thoughtful and long-lasting gift that will remind them how much they are loved. Whether near or far, they will be impressed with this jar of 31 messages enclosed in mini decorative envelopes to be opened each day or anytime they need a lift. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up!

Check them out at!

chicbudsfeatureWith Clutchette Power, you’ve got phone charging in the bag… literally! Take charge of your battery life with the chic Clutchette featuring an ultra-thin battery, built-in USB cords and room to carry your keys, lip gloss and other essentials! Stylish enough to be carried alone and small enough to throw into a bigger purse or bag,

Check them out at!

1voicefeatureThe 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask was created to help you get a comfortable night’s sleep so that you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and well-rested. The eye mask is made out of memory foam and finished with a soft velvet covering to block out light while still offering superior comfort.

The built-in over-the-ear headphones block out ambient noise to create a more peaceful environment to rest. Check them out at!

blingstingfeatureThe Ahh!-larm is a pink glitter personal alarm with LED safety light on a gold keychain clip.  Looks adorable on a girl’s backpack, keychain, purse, or dog leash! Push the red panic button, and a 120 decibel alarm sounds instantly.

Check them out at!

Wraps and CardNinja featured in Yes! Your Essential Shopper


Congratulations to our Clients Wraps and CardNinja for their feature in Yes! Your Essential Shopper!

mywrapsWraps Headphones offer a new take on in-ear audio – creating a fashion statement and outstanding practicality to the way you listen to your music.

A wide variation of colors and materials offer a perfect fit to your style and make you stand out. Check them out at!


cardninjaThe CardNinja is a spandex pocket with 3M adhesive that attaches to the back of any smartphone or case and keeps your ID, cash and up to 8 cards secure.

It’s the perfect lightweight solution when you’re on the go and don’t need to carry a bulky wallet or heavy purse around. Check them out at!


KoalaSafe featured in Woman’s World

koalasafewomansworldCongratulations to our Client KoalaSafe for their feature in Woman’s World!

With more than 30 percent of U.S. children playing with mobile devices while still in diapers, according to children’s advocacy group Common Sense Media, it’s even more critical to give kids time offline by disconnecting their devices automatically. KoalaSafe is here to help parents restore the online balance in their homes in today’s digital world.

With a single KoalaSafe box, parents can protect and manage all their children’s devices from a mobile device interface. The KoalaSafe wireless network can be set to turn off at directed times so kids can’t access the Internet — saving parents from the bribes, fights or tantrums of having devices taken away! Check them out at!


FXP Fitness and Chic Buds featured on Good Day Columbus


Congratulations to our Clients FXP Fitness and Chic Buds for their feature on Good Day Columbus.

The FXP Hula Hoop® System is a holistic exercise program that blends cardio hooping and strength training with high intensity interval training (HIIT). Using the app and the home workout DVDs, you get your very own personal trainer for less than the cost of a gym membership! Swing and sway those hips with FXP Fitness, the super effective workout program that fits any time-constrained schedule. Created for individuals of all ages, shapes and fitness stages, FXP Fitness is based on elements of pilates, yoga and ballet barre. It is specially-designed to maximize weight loss with its precise size and weight. Check them out at!

With Chic Buds Crossbody Power, phone charging no longer has to be a fumbling multi-step process. Inside each Stylish Crossbody is a lightweight, ultra-thin battery to recharge smart phones and USB devices on-the-go. So light it’s practically undetectable! Featuring built-in USB cords for easy charging of both phone and the Crossbody, this trendy companion is always ready for a charging emergency and provides most smart phones with a full charge for double the battery life while resting comfortably at your side and across your shoulder. Plus, with chic design and room for keys, lip gloss, and other essentials Crossbody Power is the secret weapon every modern Wonder Woman needs to charge through the day on full power! Check them out at

1 Voice featured on Girls’ Life


Congratulations to our Client 1 Voice for their feature on Girls’ Life!

Temperatures in the single digits, record-breaking winds, and lots and lots of snow. Handle the cold with the new 1 Voice ear muffs. Whether you’re commuting to work, working outside, or digging your car out of the snow –keep your ears warm in the cold and listen to your favorite tunes with 1 Voice Bluetooth enabled ear muffs.

Introducing the latest from 1 Voice — Bluetooth ear muffs with built-in headphones  that stream high quality music from your portable device. 

Check them out at!


1 Voice and KindNotes featured in Southern California Life Magazine


Congratulations to our Clients 1 Voice and KindNotes for their feature in Southern California Life Magazine’s Valentines Gift Guide.

The best gift is a good nap! Get some beauty rest with the 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask in the car or on the plane! This memory foam accessory has a velvet covering in order to block out light while providing superior comfort. It is compatible with any phone or MP3 player and doesn’t need a battery. The machine washable eye mask has an adjustable velcro clasp, so one size fits all! Check them out at!

 Send a unique, thoughtful and long-lasting gift that will tell your Valentine how much he or she is loved each day. KindNotes are handcrafted keepsake glass jars filled with 31 themed or personalized messages. Each message is individually enclosed in a decorative linen envelope and will warm the reader’s heart. KindNotes includes a library of messages that cover a wide range of sentiments: inspirational, love, friendship, and many more. KindNotes’ extensive collection of one-of-a-kind decorative jars guarantees that you’ll find the perfect one for your loved one. Check them out at!

1 Voice featured in the National Examiner


Congratulations to our Client 1 Voice for their feature in the National Examiner!

Get some beauty rest in the car or on the plane while enjoying your music with the 1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask. The machine-washable eye mask is made out of memory foam with a soft velvet covering to block out light. The built-in, over-the-ear headphone sound disks have an extra layering of memory foam. It’s compatible with any phone or MP3 player.

Check them out at!

Wraps featured on OK Magazine

wrapsfeatureokmagCongratulations to our Client Wraps for their feature on OK Magazine.

Tired of untangling headphones? Lost more pairs than you can count? Want headphones that not only sound good, they look good? Introducing Wraps.

With Wraps, headphones are no longer just about listening to music, now you can impress the rest with how good you look while you’re rockin’ out! When you’re not wearing them in your ears, add a stylish twist and wear them on your wrist.

The light, spherical alloy housing helps control your sound while providing a comfortable and secure fit when you put these in your ears or on your wrist. A large 10MM driver, tuned by world-renowned British Audio sound engineers, delivers exceptional sound quality. Check them out at!


KoalaSafe featured in The Wall Street Journal


Congratulations to our Client KoalaSafe for their feature in The Wall Street Journal!

Technology moves quickly and kids learn fast. KoalaSafe keeps you informed and on top. KoalaSafe creates a new WIFI network in the home that’s safe for kids. Just unpack, plug in and you have time-limits, parental insights, app & site blocking – across all devices in the home. With KoalaSafe, you can setup schedules for when the internet is on and off. Make Minecraft and game addiction a thing of the past. When the limit is reached, the connection turns off automatically.

Block sites by category, such as Adult or Social Media, or block apps by name, such as Snapchat or YikYak. No more following links to inappropriate videos either, with YouTube and Google SafeSearch enforced on kids devices.

The internet is awesome, but it’s great to have that peace-of-mind that KoalaSafe is blocking out the bad stuff. Check them out at!